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If you are looking for the quietest extraction kit money can buy for your hydroponics grow room, then you are in the right place! We have put together the ultimate in super silent extraction kits for you, to ensure your grow room runs as quiet as a mouse. Our acoustic box fan kits offer you the ultimate peace of mind, in terms of both removing any unwanted odours from your hydroponic grow room and doing so without anyone being able to hear it!

The constant droning hum and background whirring of a hydroponic extraction system is now a thing of the past with our combination of an ultra-quiet MDF Acoustic Box Fan and a CarboAir 60 Carbon Filter. Then, if you are after the ultimate in noise protection, top your kit off with our premium quality insulated ducting to ensure the lowest overall decibel rating from any extraction kit currently on the market.

Ultimately, the extraction kit that you choose to install into your hydroponic grow room, will be the back bone of its success. We highly recommend you focus on making sure you choose the correct extraction system for your circumstance. Without an adequate rate of extraction your CO2 levels will steadily deplete, resulting in a lower potential of photosynthesis. Humidity or temperature levels will spike, resulting in detrimental knock on effects to transpiration and a greater susceptibility to pests and diseases. Ultimately, choosing the correct fan and carbon filter kit will result in a much greater chance of achieving the sort of yield that puts a big, cheesy smile on your face.


Our Acoustic Box Fan Kits contain:

1x Acoustic Wooden Box Fan

1x CarboAir 60 Carbon Filter

1x 5m Combi Ducting OR 5m Acoustic Ducting

3x Ducting Clips


Our acoustic box fans are designed and manufactured right here in the UK. Engineered with moisture resistant MDF panels to ensure excessive grow room humidity does not affect the performance and manufactured with the world renowned Torin Sifan motor, there truly is no better option for you when looking for a silent acoustic box fan for your grow room.

Couple this with features such as hanging hooks, power cable securing clamp and a strikingly eye catching design, and you can easily see why they are one of the most popular hydroponics grow room fans currently on the market.


If an extraction system is the back bone of a grow room, then a high-quality filter is the back bone of the extraction system. CarboAir Carbon Filters are now pretty much a household name when it comes to hydroponics air filtration systems for exactly that reason.

CarboAir Filters are often the carbon filter of choice for most indoor growers, not just because of their long-standing presence in the market, but also from the overall reliability and peace of mind that comes with using this calibre of carbon filter.


We have selected you the quietest acoustic box fan money can buy, and the best hydroponic carbon filter available on the market. The choice is now for you to decide whether you want combi ducting or if you want to go all out on sound proofing and choose the acoustically insulated version. Either one you choose, your extraction kit will be one of the quietest you will ever use, but if you really need to operate on a super stealth mode, then the insulated version is for you.

It is often the physical movement of the air itself that creates the noise you hear, rather than the internal motors of the fans (especially with acoustic box fans). Therefore, insulated ducting goes the extra mile for you to ensure excess noise does not become an irritation for yourself or, most importantly, any of your neighbours. This is of course particularly important for indoor garden in built-up urban environments.


Always ensure the ducting is secured to the fan and filter with as great an air tight seal as possible. Without adequately connecting filter and fan to the duct-run, un-filtered air may by-pass your filter and find its way to the outside world.

Air leaks can be looked for by lighting a splint and running it along your extract line. If there are any gaps then you will see the smoke get sucked into the duct run, indicating you need to give more attention in this area to achieving a correctly air tight seal.

Try to avoid any bends, kinks or slackness in the duct run. These will all lower the amount of air being extracted through the system. Ideally have it as straight and as tight as possible to ensure as little back-pressure on the fan as possible, giving you the highest air movement possible.

Reviews & Questions

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