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The Alien RDWC Pro Systems incorporate huge 34 or 55 litre buckets, massive 100mm (4 inch) pipework and high performance Jet-Stream air pumps. This combination results in an extremely fast rate of growth due to increased root space and unrestricted recirculation. This maximises the potential for the largest yielding plants to be grown hydroponically. Plant numbers can be significantly reduced whilst still giving improved yields over coventional growing methods.

All systems have a fixed footprint and as standard are available with 50cm or 75cm pot centres (the measurement from the centre of one pot to the centre of the pot next to it). Please specify which spacing you require once you place your order. Customised systems are available upon request. Please contact us with your requirements and we can provide a quote.


  • Higher productivity with fewer plants
  • Increased Growth Rates
  • Super oxygenated
  • Reduced veg time
  • Uniform PH & EC
  • Plug in and grow
  • Minimal medium
  • Unrestricted flow


  • 4 inch pipe & fittings
  • Built for your grow space
  • Jet-Stream air pumps
  • A.I.R™ Rings
  • Inline valve & filter
  • Chiller ready

You will need Clay Pebbles for these systems.


  • The Alien RDWC Pro system is compatible and ready to connect to a Hailea Chiller, to enable maximum oxygen availability we recommend keeping the water temperature between 18 - 21 degrees celsius.

Reviews & Questions

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