Amazon Aeroponic Systems


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Use zero growing media and get the biggest yields and incredible growth speeds by using Aeroponics! The Amazon is expertly engineered to provide the perfect balance of oxygen and nutrient solution to your plants roots. The Amazon is the highest-yielding growing system and it offers the exceptional root development of an aeroponic propagator throughout the full growth cycle!

Plants are grown in net pots which hang down into a misting chamber where nutrient solution is constantly delivered to the roots via sprinklers. The ultra fine droplet size produced by the sprinklers ensures optimum nutrient uptake, huge amounts of oxygen and explosive growth. 

The Amazon system is available with 4, 8, 16 and 32 plant sites. Lids with 4 or 8 plant sites are available with two different pot size options; small (50mm) or large (80mm). Unused pot sites can be blanked off using the supplied neoprene collars if required.

Suitable tent sizes:

1m x 1m and upwards


L 82cm x W 74cm x H 38.5cm

Tank size:

50 litres

Reviews & Questions

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