Athena Cuts


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Athena Cuts is a premium quality rooting gel, formulated to deliver outstanding results. The easy to use water based gel contains a blend of essential plant hormones and nutrients which are rapidly absorbed by the plant and promote strong abundant root cell development. Supplied in a handy squeezable pouch. Athena Cuts is suitable for any type of cutting including woody, herbaceous, flowers and trees! 

How To Use

1. Squeeze the desired amount of Athena Cuts into a separate container.

2. Prepare your cutting material from your mother plant. We recommend cutting at a 45 degree angle on the stem.

3. Dip your cutting into Athena Cuts gel to your desired depth.

4. Transplant your cuttings into your propagation media or aeroponic cloner.

For best results never dip your cuttings directly into the Athena Cuts bottle and always discard used gel.

Reviews & Questions

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