BudBox LITE Tent (100cm x 100cm x 200cm)


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This 1m x 1m x 2m BudBox LITE Tent is a scaled down version of the premium BudBox PRO Large Tent and is the perfect for a single light setup. We recommend using a 400w or 600w HID Lighting Kit or if you want to get even better results go for a 315w CDM Kit or small LED unit. This tent can hold anywhere from 1-4 plants and is great for housing an IWS Oxypot or Gro-Tank NFT System.

Why Choose A BudBox LITE Grow Tent

The BudBox PRO range of grow tents are widely regarded as the best on the market, however there are times when a premium grade option is not always required. Step forward the BudBox LITE! The LITE range harness the superior build quality you would expect from the industry leaders that are BudBox, but in a stripped back form with a very low price tag. Fewer options and features than a PRO but everything you need to get started with indoor growing. All BudBox LITE grow tents come with a mylar interior. 

BudBox LITE Grow Tent Features

Quality Canvas

The BudBox LITE grow tent uses a thick 210D mylar canvas with D doors for easy access. All models come with double stitched seams, drip tray, main door clips and a clear floor area.

Vents In All The Right Places

All vents are double cuffed with drawstrings to enable a good seal. Air vents are over-sized to allow for acoustic ducting and all LITE models have at least two sizes of vents as options. All models come with passive micro mesh vents and Velcro covers.

Robust Frame

Sizes up to 200x200x200cm and 150x300x200cm have white, powder coated, tempered steel poles, 16mm diameter and very robust plastic corners. These are more than sturdy enough to hang your fans and filters from. For sizes above these feature 19mm frame poles and come with all metal corners for additional support. All BudBox LITE grow tents come with roof hanging bars and hanging straps.

How To Setup A BudBox LITE Grow Tent

To setup your tent, simply follow the supplied instructions to construct the framework first. Then fully unfold and unzip the fabric outer shell. Locate the bottom (floor) part of the canvas and fit this to the associated bottom part of the frame. Once secured you can pull the rest of the canvas over the frame. Finally, fit the drip tray inside the tent and you’re ready to install your grow equipment.

Reviews & Questions

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