Can Iso-Max & Rhino Pro Extraction Kits


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Can-Fan deliver exceptional expertise and manufacturing when it comes to the world of air movement. If you want to rid your grow room/area of unwanted smells, there is no greater brand in the current market. Everything from the high-powered fan itself, to the sound insulation, has been manufactured in Germany, to the highest detail.

These fans move an exceptional amount of air and have no problem coping with almost any build up in back pressure from obstacles in the duct run. They offer functionality that is rarely seen on other extractions fans, this includes 3 speed options on the 6 and 8” models.

With this kit you will not only receive the ultimate in premium fans, but we have also paired them with the powerful Rhino carbon filter. This combination will outperform anything on the market today. Coupled with our high quality insulated acoustic ducting, you will be impressed with the elite functionality of this kit. If you are looking for much healthier and happier plants, you must have an optimally performing extraction kit. This optimised environment will ensure your plants are abundant and thriving. These kits are a key investment, and they will always pay off by the time it comes to harvest.

The level of quality and detail in these kits is unrivalled. You can see how 30 years of Can-Fan development has facilitated innovation for the modern-day hydroponic grow room. The motor and blades of the fan have been engineered to ensure the highest amount of air is being moved. The metal housing has been custom moulded and heavily sound insulated to reduce any unwanted noise escaping to the world outside. You can install these units very easily as functionality has been considered to the highest degree.

Why pair with the Rhino Pro Extraction Kit?

A high-quality filter is the backbone of the extraction system, the same way the extraction system is the back bone of the grow room. When it comes to hydroponic filtration systems, Rhino are a well renowned name. They are a Uk based company using the finest Australian sourced RC412 carbon. This is optimally activated to ensure huge amounts of VOC’s (Volatile Compounds) are adsorbed. The particulate size in this Carbon has proven to be one of the most optimal grades available; ensuring optimum filtration. You will have peace of mind when buying a Rhino filter, the calibre of filter is the one of choice for most indoor growers.

With this kit we have selected the best carbon filter and the quietest acoustic box fan. You can now choose if you want to select the acoustically insulated ducting and go for optimum sound proofing and operate in stealth mode or just our standard aluminium ducting.

Just be sure the seal between the fan and filter is as airtight as possible. If the connection is inadequate, unfiltered air could bypass your filter and find its way into the outside world. Air leaks can be looked for by lighting a splint and running it along your extract line. If there are any gaps then you will see the smoke get sucked into the duct run, indicating you need to give more attention in this area to achieving a correctly airtight seal. Also please ensure you avoid bends, kinks and slack ducting, this will all lower the amount of air the system is unable to extract. You need the highest air movement possible

Reviews & Questions

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