Digital Humidistat for HR-15 & HR-50


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The Faran Digital Humidistat the best control unit you can find for a humidification system. A very sensitive probe is placed in your grow area at a point that would represent the most uniform and consistent average levels of the entire environment. This would usually be towards the middle of your grow space, just below the canopy level. This innovative unit will then react directly to any changes in humidity, based on the pre-set levels that you have chosen to operate it at. The controller will switch on when the probe senses relative humidity has dropped below the threshold. The humidifier will then operate until the probe registers that the humidity has once again gone back up to the programmed set point. With this controller, other parameters can be controlled, such as the hysteresis. This is useful in different size tents or grow rooms. This is because you may require a quicker response in a smaller grow room or a larger room, depending on the overall conditions. It is also possible to control a heater with the unit.

Humidity is partly responsible for transpiration regulation in your plants; without adequate transpiration levels, your plants will suffer. Humidity that is too low will result in excessive transpiration, exceeding the amount supplied from the roots, resulting in limp, droopy plants. If the humidity is too high it will result in very low transpiration rates, causing positive root pressure issues, leading to stretching and nutrient issues with elements such as calcium.

With the correct control of humidity in your grow room many problems can be solved. This controller offers accurate regulation in your indoor garden to create the perfect environment throughout your plant’s entire life. It is particularly important during the initial first few weeks of your plants life when it is very important to harden your plants off.

Humidity is directly related to air temperature. The higher the temperature is, the more water it can hold. On a hot day for instance, controlling and manipulating humidity can ensure your plants do not suffer heat stress. This humidistat will offer great humidity control, all year round.

Reviews & Questions

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