Dimlux Expert Series 1000w 400V Full Fixture




  • High PAR output of light - 2100µmol/s.
  • 10 % more output than traditional 240v ballasts.
  • Single bounce reflector technology – 98% efficiency.
  • High frequency 400v ballast.
  • Low profile ballast design.
  • Phillips Greenpower lamps.
  • Wide range of dimming options.
  • Full automation with the Maxi controller.

Dimlux Expert Series are extremely high-quality grow lights that have been purpose designed for the indoor grower. All the high PAR output of professional, commercial grade grow light but tailored and customised for indoor gardens. The slim profile of the ballast itself gives you an extra few inches to play with, while the reflector gives an excellent footprint of light for indoor grow room. The high-quality Phillips Greenpower 400v lamps are used, having some of the highest quality and intensity of light on the market.

As if having one of the best light outputs isn’t enough, the sort of control that the Expert Series offers when you connect them to the Maxi Controller is beyond comparison. An infra-red camera to constantly monitor the leaf surface temperature and dims the lights accordingly to makes sure your plants never suffer from excessive transpiration. Multiple banks of lights can be controlled, up to 160 from one controller. Darkness hours, sunset/sunrise times plus more can all be precisely controlled.

Ready to use straight out of the box, Dimlux Expert Series are a complete grow light kit in one sleek looking unit.


The Dimlux Expert series of grow lights are an all in one High Pressure Sodium light kit, that runs the 400V Phillips Greenpower lamps giving you 10% extra light compared to traditional 240v fixtures. They run off of a normal power 240 mains supply, the ballast converting the signal to that appropriate 400v and powering the lamp, housed in a 98% reflective, single bounce principle reflector. Designed purposefully for indoor grow rooms rather than high bay greenhouse scenarios, they are one of the best full HPS fixtures you can find for hydroponic growing.


There are many key principles in the build quality of the entire fixture that result in these lights being so good. The whole unit is very well balanced, making it extremely easy to hang at a level height. Each aspect of the ballast having been refined to a very precise design, the ballast, reflector and lamp all having their own individual benefits.

The Ballast:

Not only does it look incredibly sexy, the Dimlux Expert Series ballast is uniquely designed, especially for the grow room environment in a number of ways. Firstly, it has an extremely low profile compared to other full fixtures, so you can get as much use out of the height of your room as possible. Secondly, the cooling fins have been uniquely designed to ensure the electronic components inside remain as cool as possible, pro-longing its life-span. Thirdly, it has the widest manual dimming range of any ballast, 7 different dim point including the option of a 15% overdrive.

The Reflector:

The reflector for housed in the Dimlux Expert series is quite unique, and far removed from the principle of diffuse reflectors, used in other brands. Rather than the reflector causing several internal reflections before the light gets to your plants, the Dimlux reflector works on a single bounce principle, so it only ever hits the reflector once. Every time a beam of light is reflected from a surface it loses intensity, 2 or 3% every time. So, with the Dimlux reflectors, you are truly getting the most effective use from the light emitted from the lamp.

The Lamp:

The Dimlux Expert Series step your 240v power supply up to 400v, to power the Phillips Greenpower lamps, the ultimate in professional lighting fixtures. The spectrum of light that is emitted with the PAR range is truly second to none. At least 10% extra light output is generated when compared to traditional 240v lights. This of course will result in an extra 10% end yield. Not only do you get a higher output of light, but it is a much better-quality spectrum than traditional HPS grow lamps. The high quality of light from the Phillips 400v lamp results in a much greater quality of harvest, by improving flower structure and increasing the production of essential oils and terpenes.


Using the grow lights couldn’t be easier. Simply take the unit out of the box, hang it up in your room and get it going! There is nothing to assemble, simply plug it into the appropriate timers or the Maxi Controller and get going! Of course, you should make sure they are hung up first!

The main thing to consider when hanging these lights up is the distance from the reflector to the canopy. Then when hanging up multiple lights, the distance between the fixtures/how much over-lap of light you have also needs to be taken into account. In both cases the age of the plant will also require you to adjust lamp heights throughout the grow cycle as they harden off and grow a larger mass. Typically, as a very rough guideline, a 600w light will require a distance of around 40-50cm from the crop and a 1000w light requiring around 70-80cm from the canopy.

The dim settings available on the Dimlux Expert Series are the widest range of any digital grow light. With up to seven different settings so you can dim and even boost your lights by 15% on the 600w unit and 20% on the 1000w unit. This means you can respond immediately throughout your plants life to how they are growing. Simply twist the knob on the side of the unit to the desired setting as and when your plants need it.

The Dimlux Expert Series grow lights can be manually dimmed and timed with conventional contact relays, to turn on and off at set hours, but if you want to exploit the true power of these lights then you would be very wise to consider using them alongside the Maxi Controller. This gives the option of sunrise and sunset hours, monitoring your plants health with infra-red temperature controls and even connecting to the Opti-Climate for a true closed loop, CO2 enriched growing environment.


If you are looking at buying these lights, you should really be considering buying them with the Maxicontroller. It’s making use of the controllability side of things the controller offers that really makes the most out of these lights.

While HPS deliver the most efficient and highest outputs of grow lights, it is always advisable to use them alongside supplemental lighting to improve the overall quality of light. Dimlux ceramic metal halide lights make a fantastic option for supplemental lights, and make a huge difference to the overall quality of harvest.

Always try to have a replacement lamp on hand in the event that one fails. Having to deal with darkness until you get a new lamp can be totally avoided by being prepared with a back-up to hand.

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Dimlux Expert Series 1000w 400V Full Fixture

Dimlux Expert Series 1000w 400V Full Fixture