Dimlux Expert Series 630w CDM Full Fixture




  • Increases quality/flavour/oil content of harvest
  • Full spectrum of light available.
  • Excellent PAR output for CDM – 1.9µmol/w/s
  • Single bounce reflector technology – 98% efficiency.
  • High frequency 400v ballast.
  • Low profile ballast design.
  • Phillips Greenpower lamps.
  • Wide range of dimming options.
  • Full automation with the Maxi controller.

Dimlux Expert Series are extremely high-quality grow lights that have been purpose designed for the indoor grower. For those growers with most concerned with producing the highest quality flowers then these CDM fixtures from Dimlux should be high on your buy list, if not, already in your basket! The slim profile of the ballast itself gives you an extra few inches to play with, while the reflector gives an excellent footprint of light for an indoor grow room. The high-quality Phillips Greenpower 400v ceramic metal halide lamps are used, providing an unbeatable spectrum of light.

As well as having an incredible spectrum and intensity of light, being able to connect them to the Maxi Controller gives you the option of having ultimate control over all things light. Not only controlling the times, but dimming options, infra-red temperature control and the potential to work with the Opticlimate make these lights one the best options available for an indoor grow room. Up to 160 lights over two separate areas can be worked with, meaning huge a huge range of functionality.

Ceramic Metal Halide lights come in either 315w or 630w versions, making them suitable for using either as supplemental lights for a room with existing HPS lights, or powerful enough to be used as the sole grow light, essentially removing the need for HPS lights altogether. While the price tag may initially be a sore one, the build quality and performance of these lights more than justifies it.


The Dimlux Expert CDM series of grow lights are an evolution from traditional metal halide technology. In particular, the arc-tube and gases inside the lamps have been improved and developed to a point where the spectrum is much broader and more complete than any other grow lamp. Coupled with ballast technology that runs the Phillips Greenpower lamps at 400v rather than a conventional 240v one. With a total output just shy of its equivalent wattage HPS lights, they provide one of the best options for a grow lamp.

They run off of a normal power 240 mains supply, the ballast converting the signal to that appropriate 400v and powering the lamp, housed in a 98% reflective, single bounce principle reflector. Designed purposefully for indoor grow rooms rather than high bay greenhouse scenarios, they are one of the best full fixtures you can find for indoor hydroponic growing.


There are many reasons why these lights are so good. Not just from the amazing quality of light from the CMH lamp, but the entire build quality is beyond comparison. The sort of functionality you get it second to none, and the whole unit is very well balanced, making it extremely easy to hang at a level height.

The Ballast:

Not only does it look incredibly sexy, the Dimlux Expert Series ballast is uniquely designed, especially for the grow room environment in many ways. Firstly, it has an extremely low profile compared to other full fixtures, so you can get as much use out of the height of your room as possible. Secondly, the cooling fins have been uniquely designed to ensure the electronic components inside remain as cool as possible, pro-longing its life-span. Thirdly, many dimming options are available, although it is best practice to run CMH lamps at there standard wattage level. Dimming tends to affect the quality of the spectrum more so than with its HPS counterparts.

The Reflector:

The reflector for housed in the Dimlux Expert series is quite unique, and far removed from the principle of diffuse reflectors, used in other brands. Rather than the reflector causing several internal reflections before the light gets to your plants, the Dimlux reflector works on a single bounce principle, so it only ever hits the reflector once. Every time a beam of light is reflected from a surface it loses intensity, 2 or 3% every time. So, with the Dimlux reflectors, you are truly getting the most effective use from the light emitted from the lamp.

The Lamp:

The Dimlux Expert Series step your 240v power supply up to 400v, to power the Phillips Greenpower lamps, the ultimate in professional lighting fixtures. The spectrum of light that is emitted with the PAR range is as close to natural sunlight as you can get, resulting in a much greater quality of harvest. Different ratios of light wavelengths play key roles in plant morphology, so a much-improved growth pattern and flower structure will be evident when using these full-spectrum CDM grow lights.


Using these CDM grow lights couldn’t made easier for you. Simply take the unit out of the box, hang it up in your room and get it going! There is nothing to assemble, simply plug it into the appropriate timers (or the Maxi Controller) and get going! Of course, you should make sure they are hung up first!

When hanging these lights up is the distance from the reflector to the canopy is of course the main concern. When hanging up multiple lights, the distance between the fixtures/how much over-lap of light you have also needs to be considered. In both cases the age of the plant will also require you to adjust lamp heights throughout the grow cycle as they harden off and grow a larger mass. Typically, not as much Infra-Red heat is emitted from a CMH light, so you can afford to get slightly closer to canopy levels than you would with say a traditional HPS light. 

The dim settings available on the Dimlux Expert Series are the widest range of any digital grow light. The lights can of course be dimmed to accommodate any fluctuations in temperatures, however we would recommend only running them on either the 315w, or 630w settings to make sure the full spectrum of the lamp is available for the plants.

Whatever setting you require for your lights, the best option to control them all is by hooking it up to the Maxi Controller. Ultimate control over everything your grow lights do is in the palm of your hand, and fully able to be completely automated. You will be hard pressed to find a brand of lights that give you more control over your light installation than Dimlux and Airsupplies offer.


If you are looking at buying these lights, you should really be considering buying them with the Maxicontroller. It’s making use of the controllability side of things the controller offers that really makes the most out of these lights.

The 630w version of the Dimlux Extreme CDM lights is the perfect replacement to a 600w HPS light in both intensity and chiefly, a more beneficial spectrum. For supplemental purposes, or small micro-grow rooms, the 315w versions of the lamps provide an excellent option for your lights plan.

Always try to have a replacement lamp on hand in the event that one fails. Having to deal with darkness until you get a new lamp can be totally avoided by being prepared with a back-up to hand.

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Dimlux Expert Series 630w CDM Full Fixture

Dimlux Expert Series 630w CDM Full Fixture