Dimlux Expert Series 630w CDM Full Fixture



The Dimlux expert series are an extremely high-quality grow light, purposely designed for the indoor grower. They deliver all the high PAR output of commercial grade, professional lights but have been tailored and customised for indoor gardens. You have an extra few inch to play with, as the ballast has a slimline profile. The reflector also provides an excellent footprint of light for the indoor grow room. Finally the high-quality Phillips Greenpower 400v ceramic metal halide lamps optimise the spectrum of light.

When connected to a Maxi Controller, you have unparalleled control of your Expert Series.  An infra-red camera constantly monitors the leaf surface temperature and will dim the light accordingly, ensuring your plants never suffer from excessive transpiration. Up to 160 banks of lights can be controlled from a single controller, this includes darkness hours, sunset/sunrise times plus more. This unit offers you incredible controlling capabilities straight out of the box.

Ceramic Metal Halide lights come in either 315w or 630w versions, making them suitable for using either as supplemental lights for a room with existing HPS lights, or powerful enough to be used as the sole grow light, essentially removing the need for HPS lights altogether. The build quality and performance of these lights is unrivalled.

How does the Dimlux Expert Series 630w CDM Full Fixture work?

The Dimlux Expert CDM series of grow lights are an evolution from traditional metal halide technology. The arc-tube and gases inside the lamps have been improved and developed to a point where the spectrum is much broader and more complete than any other grow lamp. Coupled with ballast technology that runs the Phillips Greenpower lamps at 400v rather than a conventional 240v one. With a total output just shy of its equivalent wattage HPS lights, they provide one of the best options for a grow lamp. They run off of a normal power 240 mains supply, the ballast converting the signal to that appropriate 400v and powering the lamp, housed in a 98% reflective, single bounce principle reflector. Designed purposefully for indoor grow rooms.

The ballast design is very unique, especially for the grow room environment. The low profile fixture allows you to get as much height as you need in your grow room. The cooling fins have been designed to endure the electronics inside remain as cool as possible, essentially expanding the life span. It also has the widest manual dimming range of any ballast, 7 different dim point including the option of a 15% overdrive.

The reflector is exceptionally unique in its design and far removed from the conventional principle of diffuse reflectors, other brands use. Instead of the reflector causing several internal reflections before it reaches your plants, the Dimlux works on a single bounce principle, therefore it only ever hits the reflector once. A beam of light loses around 2-3% intensity each time it is reflected from a surface. So with these units you are truly getting the most effective light emitted from the lamp.

The Dimlux Expert Series steps your 240v power supply up to 400v, to power the Phillips Greenpower lamps, the ultimate in professional lighting fixtures. The light emitted by these lamps is at least 10% extra when compared to traditional 240v. This therefore translates into 10% added yield. You are provided with a better quality spectrum of light as well as a higher output, resulting in a much greater harvest quality, with improved flower structure and increased production of terpenes and essential oils.

How to use the Dimlux Expert Series 630w CDM Full Fixture

There is nothing to assemble when you buy these fixtures, simply hang up, plug it into the appropriate timer or the Maxi Controller and you are ready. You must consider the distance from the reflector to the canopy when hanging these lights. When hanging up multiple lights, the distance between the fixtures/how much over-lap of light you have also needs to be taken into account. The dim settings available on the Dimlux Expert Series are the widest range of any digital grow light. The lights can of course be dimmed to accommodate any fluctuations in temperatures, however we would recommend only running them on either the 315w, or 630w settings to make sure the full spectrum of the lamp is available for the plants.

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