Dimlux Maxi Controller


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The Dimlux Maxi Controller truly is the brains of the whole Dimlux and Opticlimate entourage. You can have fine control over a whole host of grow room equipment. Most notably, the control of your grow lights. Two banks of 80 lights each can be independently controlled, with the intensity of the lights re-acting to the changing of the environment. One of the most exciting features being the Infra-Red plant camera, that dims the lights according to the temperature of the plants themselves.

The Opticlimate climate control system is designed to work in harmony with this controller, as well as a range of other third-party equipment like humidifiers etc via the Aux Box. If you are running a closed loop room, enriching the air with CO2, then you should seriously consider this as an option.

The Dimlux Maxi Controller is a small control unit that operates a wide variety of other hydroponic grow room equipment. Compatible with the Dimlux range of grow lights, it can be used to independently control two banks of 80 lights, turning them on and off as programmed by the user. Sunrise and sunset functions mimic the movement of the sun, encouraging a more natural growing environment for your plants. It allows manual dimming of all the lights to a very fine degree with 1% dimming increments and can boost lamp performance to 120%.

It’s not just lights that are an option to connect and control, many other grow room products can be plugged in and controlled via its array of ports. Humidity, CO2 and temperature sensors can all be connected and used to control their respective hardware. It has a completely unique temperature sensor in the form of an Infra-Red camera, which closely monitors plant surface temperatures, taking it to the next level of grow room control! The Maxicontroller makes the perfect tool for a gardener looking to grow in a closed loop environment, as everything can be controlled from the one box.


The Maxi Controller works by being able to sense and react to almost every parameter a grow room could need, thanks to its built-in software, connection ports and user-friendly interface system. All your equipment is plugged into this unit, which then plugs straight into the wall, meaning no additional timers or control equipment are needed. Using the buttons on the front of the unit, you can control a whole host of equipment, to have complete control your environment.


Your lights can be controlled in a number of ways. The most basic being the simple on/off function, the times of which you programme directly into the unit itself. This means you do not need to purchase expensive contact relay equipment. Sunrise and sunset hours can be mimicked, gradually preparing your plants for the day just lie in nature, or you can manually set the intensity to any point you wish, up to 120%. Working in conjunction with the temperature sensors, Excessive VPD (vapor pressure deficit) can be avoided, that result from either too high temperatures, or lack of irrigation.


The unit has two options for temperature sensors, one of which being an Infra-Red camera. The air temperature sensor registers the air temperature and the Maxi Controller will adjust the Opticlimate accordingly. With the Infra-Red camera, it is measuring the leaf surface temperature, when that becomes higher than the air temperature it will begin to dim the lights. The infra-red camera giving a great fail-safe for when the plant cannot cope with excessive water loss.



By plugging in the humidity sensor, you can allow control over a variety of humidification/de-humidification equipment. Similar to the build quality of the temperature sensors, they are accurate to a very fine degree allowing super fine control over your environmental parameters. Humidity is an overlooked fundamental of indoor growing and can pay off massively when it comes to your final yield.


Like all Dimlux equipment, the CO2 sensor is extremely accurate, and allows fine control over the ppm’s of CO2 in your grow room. Controlling the CO2 levels in your room can help to increase yields by a phenomenal rate, as it is one of the key components for a plant to be able to create energy from. The more energy a plant can produce, the higher the overall yield will be. If you are considering a Maxi Controller, then chances are you are considering growing with enhanced CO2 levels.


Make sure the sensors that you have connected to the Maxi Controller are positioned in a spot in your room that gives you a good representation of the environment as a whole. I.E don’t place them in say the corner of the room with no air movement.

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