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Flying Skull Cal Mag Extreme provides an ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium when your plants are demanding it during the bloom phase. Even though these compounds are classified as micronutrients they are just as vital as NPK.

How it works

Flying Skull Cal Mag Extreme has been fortified with Vitamin B1 and Iron to aid the magnesium’s role play with phosphorus. Flying Skull continue to find optimised ways for the expert grower to enhance crops and final yields, they have manufactured incredible products for many years now. CalMag aids in the transport of nutrients between different vital parts of the plants, in turn improving resistance to pests and diseases.

How to use Flying Skull Cal Mag Extreme

Flying Skull Cal Mag Extreme is available in 1L bottles and sits alongside Flying Skull Nuke em, Z7 Enzyme Cleanser and Carbon Copy to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Flying Skull.

You can use it as a foliar feed to correct any leaf curl issues. This normally occurs after soil or foliar plant food, pesticide or fungicide is applied. To do this, add Cal Mag Extreme to water until you have added 200 PPM/0.4 EC. Flush the growing media with Cal Mag Extreme until the runoff matches the EC/PPM of the flush. Add Z7 Enzyme Cleanser to the water before adding the Cal Mag Extreme. When feeding the soil make sure the EC/PPM of the fertilizer feed match the runoff from the pot. This is critically important to maintain the proper osmotic transfer of minerals and water into the roots. Use an EC/PPM meter to make the match.

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Reviews & Questions

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