Gavita CT 2000e LED Grow Light


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The first 1:1 replacement for a 1000w lighting fixture! The 780w Gavita CT 2000e LED is a small and compact unit which offers greater efficiency, far less heat output and an enhanced spectrum than its HPS counterpart. It uses over 20% less wattage than a conventional 1000w sodium light but will produce the same yields and improved overall plant quality.

Why Choose The Gavita CT 2000e LED Grow Light

The Gavita CT 2000e boasts a whole host of features which make it the ideal choice of grow light for your room. As with all Gavita products you can expect a very high level of build quality and performance, the CT 2000e is no different. Harnessing advanced patented technology this LED brings together a high performance polycarbonate lens which ensure excellent light transmittance. The diode and lens are connected by a gel to create a single unit which improves light distribution and performance. Combine all this with bullet proof reliability and a 5 year warranty and you can see why this is a superb grow light and true industry first.

The compact design of the Gavita CT 2000e means it to be used in almost any grow space. It provides an outstanding light coverage of 1.8m x 1.1m, the same as a Gavita HPS fixture which allows it to integrate seamlessly in mixed spectrum rooms of LED and HPS lighting. What's more, is it connects to the Gavita Master Controller allowing you to connect up to 1000 Gavita lights, so you can reap the benefits of total grow room control. 

The enhanced, fuller spectrum of the light emitted by the Gavita CT 2000e provides a far more natural output over HPS and actually mimics daylight. It is distributed in specific way so that when multiple lights are used in a grow room additional benefits can be achieved from cross-over lighting. The unit produces a full spectrum of light with plenty of blue and red. This ensures not only big yields and fast growth but healthier plants that have thicker stems and broader leaves. As well as this it produces far less heat than traditional HPS lighting and radiates it upwards from the heat sync on the top of the unit as oppose to downwards towards you canopy like you would get with HID lighting. This allows for far easier grow room environmental control and happier plants. 

How To Use The Gavita CT 2000e LED Grow Light

The Gavita CT 2000e will provide a footprint of 1.8m x 1.1m. We suggest to keep the unit at around 90cm from your plants canopy at all times, this is particularly useful for mixed rooms of Gavita HPS and LED lighting as it means all the fixtures are mounted at the same height. Some growers opt to drop the unit closer but this will make the light spread smaller and more concentrated which in some case can cause leaf bleaching due to the increased intensity. For younger plants it can be beneficial to dim the light using any compatible Gavita controller (still maintaining the 90cm distance) and then gradually increasing the power as they grow.

Reviews & Questions

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