Gavita Pro Line (E-Series) 750W 400V Full Fixture


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Gavita Pro Line (E-Series) 750W 400V Full Fixture

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The Gavita Proline E-Series fixtures are designed to work in full conjunction with the Gavita EL1 and EL2 Master Controllers. The control unit programming, means no need for any extra timers and relays. The output of the lights is then controlled by either timer or air temperature, for optimal photosynthesis.

  • Extremely High PAR efficiency: 2.1µmol/w/s
  • Highly efficient growing spectrum from 400v lamps
  • 10% increased yield
  • Cool running ballasts.
  • Various dimming settings.
  • Compatible with Gavita Master Lighting controllers
  • Horticultural grade lighting equipment.

How It Works

The lamp has one of the highest outputs and most efficient spectrums. With a PAR output of 2100 µmol/s. With the deep reflector, an intense spread of light is produced, making them particularly suitable for taller grow rooms. The ballast is directly attached to the fixture rather than it being a remote unit, ensuring the lamp produces consistently high-quality light while keeping cool.

The Ballast

The ballast will take the power source from a conventional 240v line, and convert it up to 400V, increasing the light output.

A fully sealed ballast. Is key when used in hot and humid hydroponic grow rooms. The electronics inside the ballast need to be isolated from any impure air from your grow room. The sealed ballast needs to ‘breathe’ due to changes in the surrounding temperature. A Gortex filter is used, allowing expanding or contracting air to pass through, but no humidity or dust.

It is efficiently cooled via the vertically aligned fins. The design allows for air to quickly and easily pass over the unit, so any heat generated when operating is released away from the ballast, so an optimum temperature is maintained.

Safety features - safety alerts which are emitted from the small light on the side of the unit, which will flash different alarm codes when an issue is detected. The alerts will advise, whether the voltage being supplied is incorrect with any issues with overheating etc. The lens on the alert itself can be changed when needed, especially useful for light-sensitive crops. The ballast is dimmable, via the knob, or it can be attached to the Gavita Master Controller and adjusted remotely. Up to 100 ballasts can be connected in series between the RJ45 connections and Master Controller and can be connected to any voltage supply between the 120-240v range. Making installing and controlling large-scale installations easier.

The Reflector

This is a ‘closed’ style deep-penetrating reflector. Its unique design gives not only a good spread of light but also a great crop penetration. This means they cannot be machine cast/made and so must be individually handmade. The reflector is crafted from Miro-Aluminium; designed for high penetration.

Replacing is easy with the quick-change levers. The reflective surface is very delicate. A simple wipe clean is not advisable. A replacement reflector is inexpensive and means that you will get 100% from your light.

The reflector can be replaced with the open style reflector, where the grower does not require a deep penetration. This reflector spreads the light out over a very wide range, meaning less infra-Red heat directly under each fixture. Especially for grow rooms that are struggling with low head heights.

The Lamp

The lamps unique to Gavita, offering an incredibly high output of light. These 400v lamps produce up to 2.1µmol/w/s of PAR light, the highest HPS you will find. The 400v technology lamps are 10% more efficient than conventional 240V fittings, therefore 10% in your yield. With the improved spectrum over traditional 240V lamps contributing to improved harvest quality.

The 600w fixtures have a single ended lamp, whereas the 1000w lamp is double ended. The single ended lamps have their connection both at one end of the lamp, and it is screwed into the ceramic mogul in the reflector. The double-ended lamps of the 750w and 1000w fixtures have connections at either side of the lamp and are easily fitted via the lamp holders on either side of the reflector.

Always use clean gloves when replacing your lamps. With the double ended lamps, the electrical connections are on each end, this gives the advantage of being able to keep the lamp nice and straight when housed. Each lamp has a ‘Getter’ to remove impurities in the gases that might affect the light output. It is a little grey/black square shaped component in one end of the lamp. It is important when replacing the DE lamps that this is on the side closest to the ballast.

How To Use

They are ready to plug and play straight from the box, simply put up some hanging brackets and hang with the supplied eye-hole hanging hooks. It is even designed to self-level, meaning minimal manual adjustments are needed!

The lights can either operate as standalone units, or they can be controlled in combination with the Gavita Master Controller, giving the potential to control up to 100 lights from one unit. This can all be powered from any 120v-240v connection point giving you minimal effort during installation. They can be used in conjunction with any compatible contact relay and timer system you may currently already have.

Particularly for the 1000w and 750w versions, consider that the spread of the light generated from the reflector is not a square footprint. When positioning multiple lights in a room. A uniform a spread of light is desirable, rather than hotspots of light. 


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