Gavita Wide W150 DE Reflector


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  • More suitable for lower height ceilings
  • Spreads light over a wider area
  • Increases potential for crossover lighting
  • 150-degree angle of light
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Highly reflective Miro-aluminium

Gavita Lighting units are some of the finest lights you will find on the market. The attention to detail from design stage through to production is second to none. With over 30 years of experience in professional lighting solutions for agriculture, few companies can match their expertise. The wide-angle reflector has been precision engineered to offer a wider spread of light than the deep reflectors, sold as standard with a Gavita Lighting Kit.

How do you know if your hydroponics growing area would benefit of a wider angled reflector? If your head height is slightly limited, but you still want to make use of 1000w or 750w double ended fixtures, then this reflector may well be more suitable alternative to the classic closed style reflector initially supplied with Gavita light kits. In a nutshell, the angle of light that the unit reflects to is significantly wider, spreading it over a much larger area. This means the light is less intense directly under the lamp itself, so the distance between the lamp and canopy can be slightly closer than its closed, deep reflector cousin.


The reflector is an absolute breeze to install, simply clicking into place in the same way as the standard deep style reflector, with the aid of the nifty quick release clips. The design of the reflector means the overall angle of the light spread is 150 degrees, giving a very wide footprint of light, while reducing the intensity directly under the lamp. The open nature of the reflector also allows for free air movement, efficiently allowing the hot air immediately surrounding the lamp to clear.

The goal with your entire lighting setup is to have as uniform a light level across your grow room as possible. You want to make sure the conditions throughout the room are as even as possible, to achieve as uniform a plant growth as possible. The Gavita wide angled reflector allows you to increase the spread of your light, therefore increasing the potential of crossover lighting between your light fixtures, all contributing to the perfect light plan/


Always replace your reflector every 9-12 months, dirt and residues can affect their performance, and lose you yield!

Reviews & Questions

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