GN Telos 0008 Led Grow Light


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The Telos series is a range of full spectrum LED bio-systems designed and manufactured in the UK. The Telos 0008 has 8 30W modules, drawing 240W and providing a PPF output of 449.8μmol/s.


The design of the Telos LED Grow Lights are the culmination of many years of plant science research, experience and electrical expertise to find out what really works when raising plants with LED grow lighting. The GN Telos LED Grow Lights feature a highly robust design and have the potential to produce remarkable results from their modest power draw. This is due to their incredible efficiency at converting electrical power into PAR light (2+ µmols per watt). Featuring IP66 sealed LED units, which are passively cooled, high powered Cree LEDs and superb full spectrum illumination. Telos LED grow lights will not disappoint even the most demanding grower.


- Featuring a waterproof and dustproof design, the Telos 0008 can withstand any growing environment while providing a natural light for working under.

- Telos LED Grow Lights produce less heat and offer unbeatable reliability to raise and grow healthy plants from start to finish.

- The use of passive natural convection has eliminated the need for a fan, reducing noise output and significantly increasing the life span of the light as it contains no moving parts.

- The LEDs in the Telos Systems are mounted on an aluminium Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB) which incorporates dielectric material technology to enhance their efficiency and 85,000-hour lifespan – nearly 10 years of continuous use!


    - Beam Angle: 93 degrees FWHM
    - PF (380-780nm): 459.8 μmol/s (1.909 μmol/joule)
    - PPF (400-700nm): 449.8 μmol/s (1.867 μmol/joule)
    - Colour Temperature: 3002 Kelvin
    - Power Consumption: 240w
    - Weight: 8kg
    - Dimensions: 380 x 249 x 155mm


    - Seedlings: Mount 100cm from canopy. This will provide coverage over a 170 x 170cm area.

    - Vegetative Stage: Mount 80cm from canopy. This will provide coverage over a 130 x 130cm area.

    - Flowering Stage: Mount 60cm from canopy. This will provide coverage over a 90 x 90cm area.

      Reviews & Questions

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