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Plant Magic Bio-Wetter is a natural and organic wetting agent derived from Yukka plant extract. This will make foliar sprays more effective whilst simultaneously improving the absorption of root feeds. Essentially this helps plants to recover from excessive heat and cold, physical damage, toxic shock and transplanting.

How it works

Plant Magic Bio-Wetter is a wetting agent that reduces the surface tension of water, this means it ‘wets’ things more easily. When used in growing medium this makes it easier for plants to absorb water and nutrients and increases the activity of friendly microbes. If you use foliar sprays, Plant Magic Bio-Wetter will allow your sprays to spread across the leaf surfaces making your sprays last a lot longer.

How to use Plant Magic Bio-Wetter

Bio-Wetter can be used with any growing medium and at any stage of their cycle. It is available in 125ml & 250ml bottles. The Plant Magic Feed Chart recommends use through the entire flowering stage of your plants cycle at a rate of 1ml/L, right up until flush. However, it is common practice to use Bio-Wetter as a root-feed and foliar spray throughout the entire life cycle. As a foliar spray use at a rate of 1.5ml/L, and spray your plants meticulously, ensuring you wet both the tops and undersides of the leaves thoroughly. To avoid leaf burns, do your foliar spraying when your grow lights have just turned off.

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Reviews & Questions

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