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Plant Magic Hydro Silicon


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Plant Magic Hydro Silicon is a blend of soluble siliconnitrogenphosphorus and potassium. It is a protective armour for your plants, fortifying them against attacks from pathogens and pests, whilst simultaneously strengthening the plant structure. Designed for maximum nutrient uptake and transportation, Plant Magic Hydro Silicon creates enhanced cell wall strength, providing the foundation for robust, healthy plant development.

How It Works

Plant Magic Hydro Silicon is an additive which can be used with cuttings and seedlings from the minute they develop roots, right up to the final flowering stages, prior to flushing. This remarkable product works by strengthening the walls of plant cells, leading to the production of thicker stems and stronger branches that can support heavier loads. There will be an increase in the production of chlorophyll, which optimises the use of CO2 in the atmosphere, accelerating photosynthesis. The enhanced structure of your plants will in turn work against pests, as insects find it difficult to penetrate leaf matter. Finally, with Plant Magic Hydro-Silicon your plants will develop a resilience to threats such as pathogens, fungi and changes in the environment.

How To Use Plant Magic Hydro Silicon

Plant Magic Hydro Silicon is designed for use with plants grown in coco and hydro, however some growers may opt to use it for soil too (however for this we recommend Plant Magic Bio Silicon). It can also be used as a foliar spray. You can use this product throughout the entire lifecycle of your plants. The Plant Magic Feed Chart recommends use at a rate of 0.5ml - 1.0ml per litre of water. If you choose to use as a foliar spray, use at a rate of 1.5ml/L and spray your plants meticulously, ensuring you wet both the tops and undersides of the leaves thoroughly. To avoid leaf burns, do your foliar spraying when your grow lights have just turned off.

Plant Magic Hydro Silicon can also be used to correct pH levels that are too acidic. You can add a small amount of Hydro Silicon to your reservoirs and continue to test the pH until you reach your desired level.

Plant Magic Hydro Silicon is available in 500ml and 1L bottles and works harmoniously alongside Plant Magic Bio-wetter, Root Stimulant, Hydro Grow to complete the exceptional organic nutrient & additives range from Plant Magic. For help with these products and how to use them, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.


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