Systemair RVK & Rhino Pro Extraction Kits


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  • Everything you need for a complete carbon filter extraction kit
  • Premium model of Rhino carbon filter – lasts for 18+ months!
  • Super powerful Systemair RVK fan
  • Great quality at a great price
  • Perfectly matched fan and filter sizes
  • Easy to install
  • Full control over temperature and odours

If you’re after an extraction kit that gives you long lasting odour control, then our Rhino Pro carbon filter extraction kits offer the ideal solution. Up to 24 months odour control with the Rhino Pro version carbon filter. With a 50mm carbon bed depth that is packed full of RC412 carbon, you can be sure that every smell gets captured, every time. Pairing the Rhino Pro carbon filter with the work-horse fan that is the Systemair RVK creates a highly effective combination for a complete hydroponics extraction system.

Achieving the optimal air flow rate from your fan is crucial to correctly control the environment in your hydroponic grow room. You need a filter that not only scrubs the air clean of the pungent odour from your plants, but also doesn’t affect the fans air flow rate too much while it is doing it. It is the extraction of air that removes the unwanted heat and humidity in an indoor hydroponic grow room. Making sure you have a fan and filter that work in harmony is essential to being able to create the ultimate environment for your plants.


Our Rhino Pro fan and filter kits contain:

  • High quality, Systemair RVK Sileo extraction fan
  • Professional quality Rhino filter to remove any unwanted odours
  • Your choice of acoustically insulated ducting, or regular aluminium ducting
  • Highly durable ducting clips to ensure an air tight seal.
  • Everything you need for the ultimate carbon filter extraction kit!


Systemair have spent countless years researching and developing all sorts of extraction systems. Hydroponic extraction fans are a small representation of their expertise in moving air, their portfolio extends to huge ventilation installations for all sorts of industries, on an extremely large scale. When a company of this size and stature produces an extraction fan you can be entirely confident that it will get the job done. No worrying about whether they will break down in a month or two, or if they will struggle with a filter attached, Systemair RVK fans have been a staple of the hydroponics industry for a very long time now.


A premium filter should be the first item on every indoor grower’s list! You might quibble on a fiver for a cheaper nutrient that promises the earth, but if you find yourself scrimping on a few quid to get a cheaper filter, then you are in for a bad time. Rhino Carbon Filters are a household name when it comes to hydroponics air filtration systems. Rhino Filters are a UK company using arguably the finest quality of carbon for air filtration on the face of the planet.

Australian sourced RC412 carbon is not only triple-activated (creating copious micro pores to ensure all volatile compounds are adsorbed) but this particulate size has also proven to be one of the most optimal grades available for proper air filtration. Combining this exceptional carbon with a 50mm bed depth means that the Rhino Pro filter can cope with even the most unforgiving of smells.

Rhino filters are often the carbon filter of choice for most indoor growers, not just because of their long-standing presence in the market, but also from the overall reliability and peace of mind that comes with using this calibre of carbon filter.


We have selected and put together the right combination of fan and carbon filter for you, now all there is left to do is decide whether you want regular aluminium ducting or if you want to choose the acoustically insulated version. Of course, we would always recommend the acoustically insulated version to reduce any noise issues, but for those on a budget the aluminium ducting may be the way to go.

Just remember to bear in mind that it is often the physical movement of the air itself that creates the noise you hear, so insulated ducting ensures this excess noise does not become an irritation for you or, most importantly, any of your neighbours. This is of course particularly important for indoor garden in built-up urban environments.


Choosing the right equipment to work together in this scenario can be a bit of a mine-field. With the huge amount of different size options available, it can sometimes be a bit baffling to get the right size carbon filter, for the right size fan.

All hydroponic extraction fans have different motors inside of them. Just like any other motor, the more resistance you put on it, the more its performance reduces. Attaching a carbon filter creates exactly this sort of ‘resistance’ to an extraction fan. It creates a pressure on the fan, that in turn reduces the amount of air the fan can blow. All carbon filters are different sizes, so they all will exert a different amount of pressure and therefore cause different drops in air flow.

Most reputable manufacturers will provide the pressure drop curves for either their fans or their carbon filters, which you can use to figure out what affects you are going to see on the air flow, when you attach the two together. With these Rhino Pro carbon filter extraction kits, we have taken that leg-work out of the equation, so all you need to do is plug it in and switch it on!


Always ensure the ducting is secured to the fan and filter with as great an air tight seal as possible. Without adequately connecting filter and fan to the duct-run, un-filtered air may by-pass your filter and find its way to the outside world.

Air leaks can be looked for by lighting a splint and running it along your extract line. If there are any gaps then you will see the smoke get sucked into the duct run, indicating you need to give more attention in this area to achieving a correctly air tight seal.

Try to avoid any bends, kinks or slackness in the duct run. These will all lower the amount of air being extracted through the system. Ideally have it as straight and as tight as possible to ensure as little back-pressure on the fan as possible, giving you the highest air movement possible.

Consider choosing a slightly larger fan and filter, then using alongside a fan speed controller. That way your fan won’t run on full power as often and generally operate at a quieter volume. It also gives you the failsafe of having the option to move more air come the hotter months.

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Systemair RVK & Rhino Pro Extraction Kits

Systemair RVK & Rhino Pro Extraction Kits