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Rox Flower Enhancer is a powerful flowering stimulator that triggers immense growth and weight gain during your plants bloom cycle. This flowering booster stimulates massive weight gain for flowering/fruiting plants. It contains both organic and synthetic compounds, the organic compounds are vitamins, minerals and amino acids, whilst the synthetic products consist of PGRs (plant growth hormones).

How it works

This product contains a unique blend of ingredients that are designed to optimise your plants growth during the flowering cycle. Rox allows you to choose the height you want your plants to grow; when your plants reach 2/3 of the heigh you wish them to achieve, apply Rox. It may be necessary to adjust the time you add it for taller and shorter plants. You will find Rox increases the number of bud sites by around 25-30%, this means higher yield. The extra flower sites will increase the overall weight with extra dense buds, the overall weight can increase by up to 35%. Rox can also advance the maturity of your crop by as much as a week.

How to use Rox Flower Enhancer

Rox Flower Enhancer is available in 1L bottles and is suitable for all growing media and systems. It is designed for use during the flowering stage of your plants life. Ensure you always shake the bottle before use and add it to your base nutrient at a rate of 3ml/L of water for re-circulating systems and 5ml/L for run to waste systems. Rox recommend use during the 4th and 5th weeks of flowering, the feeding schedule for Rox Flower enhancer seems to be tailored around an 8 week flowering cycle, so you may find you need to adjust the timing for plants with a longer flowering period.

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Reviews & Questions

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