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SANlight originate in Austria and carry with them a renowned knowledge of semiconductor technology and photonics. This light is one of the most efficient LED grow lights on the market, with the Osram LEDs in this unit offering a very efficient output of 2.7µmol / Joule. The light is distributed homogenously and diffuses to the cultivation area; therefore no photon is wasted and losses to the sidewalls are minimised. This LED unit is extremely reliable, operates silently and is completely maintenance free. Be aware that no electric power is wasted to cooling fans. The optimised Osram LEDs offer both highly efficient secondary optics (Efficacy 94%) and best thermal management guaranties maximum PPF at lowest power consumption.

As LED technology is rapidly changing the light engines have an innovative clip connection, which links the engines to the electronic rail. In case of technological advances, the modules can be easily changed to the newest generation. This means you can keep up to date with the latest technology without investing more money in a completely new lamp. If you have a failure from one of your light engines, the complex electronics inside the lamp balance the current for each individual engine. Therefore, the lamp produces almost the same output before. The module can then be changed quickly with the easy-to-use connection between light engine and electronics.

An outstanding LED grow lamp has been created here. You will experience a reduction of your growing period as research shoes that a plant’s metabolism is accelerated. The broadband light spectrum has best quantum efficacy for fruiting plants and can be used for vegetative and generative (blooming) phase.

How the SANlight Q4W LED Grow Light works

The SANlight Q4W draws only 150w of power, with the individual light sources reaching an efficacy level of up to 400 µmols; making this fixture very cost effective. The light spectrum is perfect for all growth periods, facilitating the growth of large yields with only a fraction of the power. SANlight recommend a distance of 35-45cm between the light and the canopy for younger plants and seedlings and 50-60cm for more established plants. Plants will noticeably consume less water with the reduction of heat coming from these LED’s. The Q4W a perfect grow light for a space of 1 m². However, it could be used in a 1.2m² area very effectively. Making it highly compatible with either the BudBox Pro Large Tent, BudBox Pro XL Tent or the BudBox Pro Medium Tent. It is also possible to connect up to 7 units together if your growing space is large, you will find our range of BudBox grow tents will accommodate any grow space you have.

Why choose LED?

SANlight LED solutions can potentially save 40% on electricity and studies indicate that LED-lit canopies can generate more yield per kWh. Unlike HPS lights, there is very little degradation overtime, this means that not only will you not have to physically change bulbs, but your diodes will still be producing near on the same output, year in, year out, just like they did when new, whilst only degrading around 1-3% per year. With studies showing growers using LED lighting may experience yield increases and changes in cannabinoid and terpene profiles, leading to more consistent medicinal product profiles from harvest to harvest. These LED lights output a highly superior spectrum of light in comparison to HP and MH lamps and with no fans, their reliability is a great selling point. With a guaranteed 100,000 hours of light before any light loss and at least 90% light after 80,000 hours of use, you will understand why so many growers are choosing to transition over to LED grow lights.


400µmol/s PPF
Broadband continuous light spectrum
Power consumption 50W
Power Factor > 0,95
Radiation angle 90°
Rectangular and homogeneous light distribution
3 Jahre full warranty
Led Module/Light Engines can be replaced
90% Light output after 80.000 hours of usage
Daisy chainable
Passive cooling
Adequate and eco-friendly replacement for HPS lamps
2 x Q4W > 400 NDL
Recommended distance to canopy 1.1-1.3ftCoverage (1m x 1m area)
Vegetative Stage: 1-2 Q4W
Flowering Stage: 2x Q4W
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