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The Neutralizer directly targets unwanted plant smells in a grow room. The product is one of the most advanced solutions for this issue. The unique combination of essential oils used, perfectly match many profiles needed to remove VOS’ or smells in your indoor garden.

The easy-to-use unit is plug and play. Neutralising the air within an area of 375 metres cubed. This is perfect for the domestic environment. The automated unit ensures a consistent number of terpenes are released, ensuring the freshest air at all times.

How To Use The Neutralizer

The active liquid is a blend of essential oils that contain a very useful set of volatile compounds. These compounds evaporate into the air and eliminate unwanted smells entirely. The units consist of the plastic ‘power pack’ and the cartridges contain the proprietary blend of essential oils in a liquid form. The cartridges slot easily into the power pack and the whole unit is then plugged directly into a wall socket. The oils are then wicked up to the heating element in the power pack. This heats the oils up to the optimum temperature, to ensure that they evaporate into the surroundings at a consistently high rate. This will work for up to 6 weeks. You can have peace of mind; the Neutralizer has your unwanted smells covered.

Place the Neutralizer in the area where you are experiencing the problem. Ideally, do not place this unit directly near your plants. This could allow terpenes or molecules that are released from the essential oils to re-act through binding with other organic compounds. This ‘organic compound’ can also mean your actual plant and so can potentially taint its usual fragrance or flavour. This is particularly important when/if you are drying your harvest. Place the Neutralizer outside the grow room or drying area, where smells are an issue.

All of the ingredients are 100% natural and completely non toxic. As they evaporate, the combination of essential oils contained in the Neutralizer cartridges release a variety of compounds. These compounds all combat a variety of odours, but all work through three basic principles.-

Absorption – The smells (or volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)) are completely retained within the compounds released by the Neutralizer.

Adsorption – Similarly to how activated carbon works in filters, the unwanted VOC’s are essentially stuck onto the surface of the released compounds

Chemical Reaction – Permanent bondage of the two volatile compounds. Two or more VOC’s can form a natural bond/attraction and cancel each other out.

Rather than containing a generic range of essential oils, The Neutralizer targets those commonly associated with indoor hydroponic grow rooms. Terpenes and other VOC’s evaporate faster at higher temperatures, so on hot days you will find this is more problematic than a cool day. The heating element in The Neutralizer evaporates the liquid at a consistently high rate, ensuring all bad smells are eradicated. It is this consistent evaporation of oils that sets the Neutralizer apart from other air fresheners.

It is good practice to keep some spare cartridges so you can replace them when they run out. Finally, always place the unit in a well-ventilated area and it will naturally cover a large space.

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