The Neutralizer




  • Directly targets unwanted plant smells.
  • Covers up to 375 metres cubed
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use – plug and play
  • Neutralises within an hour of activating
  • Long lasting – up to 6 weeks freshness

The Neutralizer odour eliminator is one of the most advanced solutions for combating excessive grow room and plant based smells. Developed specifically for cleansing the air surrounding a hydroponic grow room, the unique spectrum of essential oils used perfectly match many profiles needed to remove VOC’ or smells that you will encounter from even the most fragrant of bouquet’s.

This plug-in unit is a piece of cake to use; all you must do is plug it in! Within an hour the essential oils will have neutralised the air within an area up to 375 metres cubed! Perfect for use in any domestic environment where the smell of a blossoming indoor garden becomes dominant. The automated unit ensures that a consistently uniform number of terpenes are released from the unit, which ensure that you get the freshest air at all times.


The Neutralizer odour eliminator works in a similar fashion to most other grow room air fresheners. The active liquid is a blend of essential oils that contain a particularly useful set of volatile compounds. When they evaporate into the air they not only mask any unwanted grow room smells, but also eliminate them entirely.

The units consist of the plastic ‘power pack’ and the cartridges containing the proprietary blend of essential oils in a liquid form. The cartridges slot easily into the power pack and the whole unit is then plugged directly into a wall socket. The oils are then wicked up to the heating element in power pack. This heats the oils up to the optimum temperature, to ensure that they evaporate into the surroundings at a consistently high rate.

The unit then continues to work for up to six weeks, giving you a consistent level of fresh air for the entire time. Having been specifically designed to target the terpenes and smells from the most commonly grown indoor hydroponic plants, you can have peace of mind that even if your carbon filters cannot cope, the Neutraliser air freshener still has it covered!


For best practice, place the Neutralizer in the environment surrounding the grow room where odours have become a problem. Ideally, you do not want to place these air fresheners directly near your plants. The terpenes or molecules that are released from the essential oils re-act through binding with other organic compounds. This ‘organic compound’ can also mean your actual plant and so can potentially taint its usual fragrance or flavour. This is particularly crucial when/if you are drying your harvest. In drying rooms, which usually have lower amount of air movement, the direct exposure to the compounds will have a potentially higher effect.

Always place the unit outside of the grow room or drying area, where problems with smells have become a problem.


The liquid in the cartridges of the Neutralizer air fresheners contains a broad spectrum of essential oils. All the ingredients are 100% natural and completely noon toxic. As they evaporate, the combination of essential oils contained in the Neutralizer cartridges release a variety of compounds. These compounds all can combat a variety of odours, but all work through three basic principles.

  1. Absorption – The smells (or volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)) are completely retained within the compounds released by the Neutralizer.
  2. Adsorption – Similarly to how activated carbon works in filters, the unwanted VOC’s are essentially stuck onto the surface of the released compounds
  3. Chemical Reaction – Permanent bondage of the two volatile compounds. Two or more VOC’s can form a natural bond/attraction and cancel each other out.

A typical hydroponic grow room will contain plants that are creating and releasing all sorts of VOC’s, a class of which being terpenes. The company that brings you ‘The Neutralizer’ took samples from a variety of the most commonly grown plants inside hydroponic grow rooms. They then analysed the volatile compounds released from the plants and produced a solution that perfectly matched and annihilated these compounds.

Rather than containing a generic range of essential oils, The Neutralizer uniquely targets those most commonly associated with indoor hydroponics grow rooms. Terpenes and other VOC’s evaporate faster at higher temperatures, so you are likely to notice hot days being more problematic than cool ones. By ensuring that the heating element evaporates the liquid at a consistently high rate, you can be sure all smells are destroyed, no matter how bad.

It is the consistent evaporation of the essential oils that sets the Neutralizer apart from other air fresheners. While they mat work well within their own right, they will not have the consistency of delivery that you will see from this unit. All excess grow room smells are both masked and destroyed, leaving you without a worry.


Always keep a few spare cartridges of the Neutraliser in the bank. That way when they do run out you can replace them straight away.

Always try to place the unit where it is already well ventilated and it will naturally cover a large area of space. For example, try to avoid plugging it in behind anything that is obstructing airflow as the unit will not be as effective as it should be.

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The Neutralizer

The Neutralizer