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Vitalink Chill



Vitalink Chill is a powerful and effective bio stimulant that protects your plants from the detrimental effects of unfavourable temperature conditions, making sure they can thrive and reach their optimal potential. This highly effective product is rich in micronutrients and has been extensively rested to ensure a very reliable and consistent product that works wonders for your plants when the temperature gets too high; helping plants to survive in hot conditions up to 40 degrees.

How it works

Vitalink Chill contains something called betaines, these act as osmoprotectants, which work to protect plants against heat damage. Vitamin B1 is added to create an early response system, to allow plants to cope better with stress. The addition of plant hormones, gibberellins and auxins work alongside the amino and humic acids to allow the plant to sustain an optimal photosynthetic rate and continue growing, even in unfavourable conditions.

How to use Vitalink Chill

Vitalink Chill is suitable for any growing medium and systems, it is available in 250ml & 1L bottles. Vitalink recommend use prior to a warm period (this can be a few weeks in advance) in conjunction with your main nutrients. Use at a rate of 3-5ml/10L and make sure you always add it to a fresh solution. When used often, Chill has a cumulative effect as your plants will build up a tolerance to the effect of high temperatures. It is also possible to use it as a foliar spray for rapid protection, regular use is more effective but this can be a lifeline when it comes to salvaging crops.

Do not use Chill alongside Vitalink heat and if you use chill alongside Vitalink Hydrate use half the dose rate of each, this will ensure no plant damage. Check your pH and adjust as necessary.

For help with this product and how to use it, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.


Questions & Answers

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  • Would this help prevent pythium in a hot reservoir?

    Hi there,

    Vitalink Chill enables the plant to deal with stresses that can be caused by high temperatures, however it does not kill pythium. We reccomend CX Hydroponics Wilt Guard which you will find on our website, this kills pythium.

    Kind Regards,

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