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Combi Flexible Ducting

WHY CHOOSE COMBI DUCTING? Cost effective extraction solution Tough and durable Dual layer further reduces noise from air movement Sealed plastic outer layer prevents any micro air leaks Suitable for all duct runs An essential part of any self-respecting hydroponic...

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Acoustic Insulated Ducting

WHY CHOOSE ACOUSTICALLY INSULATED DUCTING? Reduces noise from air movement to a minimum Dual foil layer further prevents any issues with air leakages Avoids surface condensation from temperature differences between air sources Gives further peace of mind for both sound...

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Ducting Clips

These clips make it easy to securely connect (and disconnect) any of our ducting onto fans, silencers, carbon filters and any other ventilation accessories. Total length 325mm, will fit all sizes of ducting we sell.

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Metal Ducting Reducers

These allow you to easily reduce (or increase) the size of the ducting you are using, whilst keeping the connection secure and air tight.

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Fast Clamps

WHY CHOOSE FAST CLAMPS? Easy to install. Secure and air tight fitting The ultimate way to connect carbon filters/fans with ducting Relatively inexpensive There are many ways to secure ducting to an extract fan or your carbon filter. Some people...

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PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting

PhonicTrap™ ultra silent acoustic ducting reduces noise in your ducting system. Growers demanding the best most powerful fans often need to reduce the noise of air moving down ducts. With its non-allergenic insulation it reduces noise without the possibility of...

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Metal Ducting Y Pieces

Use a Y Piece to easily split any ducting of equal sizes. 

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Ducting Wall Flanges

Used for mounting ducting neatly to any wall or surface. 

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Ducting Joiners

Used for joining two pieces of ducting of equal size together.

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90 Degree Ducting Bends

A single 90 degree bend in your ducting can reduce your air flow by up to half! Use these rigid metal pieces to help prevent this dramatic drop and keep your air flowing smoothly.

From £5.00

WHY CHOOSE A GROW ROOM FAN SILENCER? Easy to install Lightweight Reduces noise through ventilation system by up to 50% Keeps your grow room whisper quiet Acoustically insulated In an urban environment, where indoor hydroponic farming is becoming more and...

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Aluminium Flexible Ducting

SPECIAL OFFER WHILE STOCKS LAST!!WHY CHOOSE ALUMINIUM FLEXIBLE DUCTING? A cost-effective option for connecting to hydroponic fans/carbon filters. Re-enforced spiral wound wire skeleton Easy to attach to extract fans and carbon filters Tough aluminium covering Perfect for all intake /...

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