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CFL Reflector

CFL lamps are heavier than Sodium or Metal Halide bulbs, therefore if you try to put them into a normal Euro reflector or similar the bulb will hang down at an awkward angle and you might even risk damaging your...

Euro Reflector

The standard reflector used in indoor growing, used by beginners and professionals alike. The Euro reflector is made from an extremely highly reflective silver material. This open ended reflector is super lightweight and is a good quality, low cost option....

Adjust-a-Wings Reflectors

The Adjust-A-Wings reflector's original design combines cutting edge science with biological beauty & simplicity to create a reflector system of unparalled performance and versatility. The Adjust-A-Wings reflector can be adjusted to wide settings and positioned incredibly close to plants for maximum light...

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Goldstar Air-Cooled Reflector

A premium quality air-cooled reflector. With a far superior build quality to its competitors. The toughened glass is secured by a completely air tight, high-quality seal, which gives powerful air-cooling capabilities. The glass and frame have a handy hinge and...

Cool Shade Reflectors

This innovative product blows and extracts air through the reflector and over the lamp, thus controlling temperature. It is fully air tight meaning no unpleasant odours are leaked. It features a 'Euro' style reflector connected to the top of the glass ensuring...

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CFL Lamp Lead

A CFL screw fitting and 4m lead with plug. Used for hanging CFL lights vertically for added side lighting and other uses.

Lumatek Turrican Parabolic Reflectors

The Turrican Parabolic was designed in partnership between Lumatek Ltd and Qwod has an incredibly even light spread and a design that produces low heat levels directly under the lamp, meaning that it can be lowered further than is often...

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Gavita Wide W150 DE Reflector

WHY CHOOSE A GAVITA WIDE ANGLE REFLECTOR? More suitable for lower height ceilings Spreads light over a wider area Increases potential for crossover lighting 150-degree angle of light Quick and easy to install Highly reflective Miro-aluminium Gavita Lighting units are...

Lumatek Shinobi Parabolic Reflectors

The Shinobi has been designed & engineered in the UK using premium quality components & wiring ensuring a high quality lightweight parabolic reflector. This 80cm HID parabolic hood has been designed to focus the light straight down into a 1m2 footprint...

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315w CDM Lamp Adaptor

The perfect solution for using CDM Lamps in any standard E40 fitting reflector. Simply screw in the adaptor and your ready to go.

CFL Pro Reflector

Specifically designed to work with all CFL bulbs up to 300w. A higher quality product than the standard CFL reflector. This is for the person who wants to spend a little extra to get a better all round product. This reflector...

Gavita HortiStar HR96 Reflectors

The shape of this reflector may look as a deep reflector, but it actually gives you a medium wide beam angle of about 135 degrees! The unique light distribution allows not only horizontal, but also vertical uniformity. In a large...

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