Fan Controllers

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Fan Speed Controller

WHY CHOOSE A FAN SPEED CONTROLLER? Plug and play Cost effective controller Manually controls speed of fans Gives you control of grow room temperatures Great build quality Simple to use It is safe to say that every self-respecting hydroponic grow...

G.A.S Enviro Controller

Control every aspect of your grow room environment from one controller with the G.A.S Enviro Controller. Control your grow room temperature and humidity by digitally controlling your fan speeds. The Enviro Controller will automatically control fan speed for both AC...

SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller MK2

WHY CHOOSE AN SMSCOM TWIN FAN SPEED CONTROLLER? Control your grow room temperatures Precisely controls fan speeds Unique ‘motion flow’ technology Controls intake and outtake fan at the same time Easy to use, plug and play High quality, reputable brand...

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G.A.S EC1 Fan Controller

The GAS EC1 thermostatic speed controller is the perfect way to control your outtake EC fans. With a minimum and maximum speed control and powered from the fan, there is no need for a power pack. Temperature control your fan...

G.A.S EC Fan Speed Controller

The GAS EC speed controller is the perfect way to control the speeds of two EC fans. Powered from the fan there is no need for a power pack. Precisely set your intake fan speed Control the maximum speeds of...

G.A.S Step Controller Pro

The GAS Step Controllers are the best AC fan controllers available. Quiet, simple to use, and the most efficient way to regulate your AC fans, with no clicking between steps like other controllers. Unlike other controllers which may cause humming...

From £269.00£249.00
G.A.S EC Fan Controller

WHY CHOOSE A GAS EC FAN CONTROLLER? The best fan controller for Systemair EC fans. No hum on low fan speed. Custom designed for Hydroponic grow rooms. Thermostatic control over air movement. Gives fine control, 1-100% in 1% increments. Minimise...

G.A.S EC Fan Balancer

WHY CHOOSE A GAS FAN SPEED BALANCER? Balances the air flow between intake and exhaust fans Easy to maintain negative pressure. Regulates air flow of different sized fans Compatible with most EC fans GAS have come strong on to the...


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