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SMSCOM Smart Controller

A simple to use plug-in fan controller with a huge load capacity of 6.5 amps, which is capable of handling even the largest of box fans! The Smart Controller can be used as a basic manual dimmer for your AC...

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Fan Speed Controller

A great cost effective fan controller which allows you to manually control the speed of any AC fan up to 300w. Simply plug the fan into the controller and turn the dial to increase or decrease it’s speed. For larger...

G.A.S Enviro Controller

Control every aspect of your grow room environment from one controller with the G.A.S Enviro Controller. Control your grow room temperature and humidity by digitally controlling your fan speeds. The Enviro Controller will automatically control fan speed for both AC...

SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller MK2

The SMSCOM twin fan controller MK2 offers a great range of functionality for such a compact and cost-effective unit. The original SMS fan controllers have been used far and wide throughout hydroponics grow rooms up and down the country. Looking...

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G.A.S EC Cables

Used to connect your EC fans to our EC Fan Controllers.Male to Male Cable - Used to connect a single EC fan to a controllerSplitter Cable - Used to split a single connection from a fan controller into two, allowing you to...

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G.A.S EC1 Fan Controller

The GAS EC1 thermostatic speed controller is the perfect way to control your outtake EC fans. With a minimum and maximum speed control and powered from the fan, there is no need for a power pack. Temperature control your fan...

G.A.S EC Fan Speed Controller

The GAS EC speed controller is the perfect way to control the speeds of two EC fans. Powered from the fan there is no need for a power pack. Precisely set your intake fan speed Control the maximum speeds of...

G.A.S EC Fan Controller

WHY CHOOSE A GAS EC FAN CONTROLLER? The best fan controller for Systemair EC fans. No hum on low fan speed. Custom designed for Hydroponic grow rooms. Thermostatic control over air movement. Gives fine control, 1-100% in 1% increments. Minimise...

G.A.S Step Controller Pro

The GAS Step Controllers are the best AC fan controllers available. Quiet, simple to use, and the most efficient way to regulate your AC fans, with no clicking between steps like other controllers. Unlike other controllers which may cause humming...

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G.A.S EC5 Fan Controller

Take total control over your EC fans with the new EC5 Fan Controller.  The EC5 Fan Controller plugs directly into any of the Systemair EC fan range. A thermostatic controller with RTT technology - the EC5 Controller intelligently reacts to...

G.A.S EC2 Fan Controller

The small but mighty EC2 Fan Controller will control both your intake and outtake EC fans thermostatically. As will all GAS controllers which use the Active Cables, it is powered from the fan, meaning there is no need for an...

Gavita FB1 Fan Balancer

When you use intake and extraction fans, it is important to balance the power of both fans. Added filters and ducting greatly influence the air flow in extraction systems, sometimes leading to over-pressure in your room. With the Fan Balancer...


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