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Luxx 645w Pro LED Grow Light

Like all of the Luxx lights, the new LED was built on the principle of design, test & repeat. The LUXX 645 LED PRO has been developed by assessing SMD (Surface Mount Device) chips and drivers from leading manufacturers in controlled...

Krystal Dual Speed Fans

Krystal Dual Speed Fans are a two speed mixed flow fan. These well built fans are great value for money and combine high pressure output with very quiet air movement. All fans feature an integral mounting bracket and come pre-wired...

From £39.00
Krystal Acoustic AC Fans

The all new Krystal Acoustic Fans represent superb value for money for such a well built acoustic AC fan. All fans feature professional grade sound reducing acoustic technology and they have exceptional static pressure performance meaning they will loose minimal...

From £239.00
G.A.S EC2 Fan Controller

The small but mighty EC2 Fan Controller will control both your intake and outtake EC fans thermostatically. As will all GAS controllers which use the Active Cables, it is powered from the fan, meaning there is no need for an...

G.A.S EC5 Fan Controller

Take total control over your EC fans with the new EC5 Fan Controller.  The EC5 Fan Controller plugs directly into any of the Systemair EC fan range. A thermostatic controller with RTT technology - the EC5 Controller intelligently reacts to...

Gavita RS1 Controller

The Gavita RS1 Remote Switch is a manual light intensity controller. It can be used to switch, dim or boost one or multiple linked fixtures at once. Easily adjust the light intensity of the lamps by just rotating the knob....

Gavita EFM1 Fan Controller

For those who wish to use AC fans with their Gavita Master Controller setup (or perhaps do not want to move to EC fans just yet), Gavita have created a simple to use, intelligent AC fan control module for the...

Gavita FB1 Fan Balancer

When you use intake and extraction fans, it is important to balance the power of both fans. Added filters and ducting greatly influence the air flow in extraction systems, sometimes leading to over-pressure in your room. With the Fan Balancer...

Gavita E-Series LED Adapter

The E-Series LED Adapter is designed to be used with the Gavita 1700e LED fixtures. This product runs inline with the power cord to the fixture. Using this device in conjunction with the LED fixture will allow you to control...

Gavita 1700e LED Grow Light

With the same performance that makes Gavita the world’s leading horticultural lighting brand comes a new LED light fixture designed to deliver more usable energy to your plants while consuming less power. The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a full-term...

Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller

A simple to use, plug and play CO2 controller which ensures precise dosing from both bottled CO2 gas as well as Propane.The Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller allows you to adjust the output from 400ppm up to 2000pm. It features a highly...

Pro-Leaf CO2 Regulator

The Pro-Leaf CO2 Regulator connects to your CO2 bottle and is where your CO2 gas is dispersed from.  The regulator needs to also be connected to the Pro-Leaf Controller so you can accurately control the dosing in your room.


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