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Tomato Cage Plant Supports

Strong and durable Plant Supports with a conical design to provide your flowering plants with the necessary support to protect even the heaviest branches. Simply unfold and spread out the supporting bars, then place in your growing medium and adjust...

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Soft Garden Tie

The ideal solution for tying plants to trellis, bamboo or stakes. It is soft and gentle so will not cause damage to stems and also allows for easy tying.Measures 3.5mm x 8 meters


Heavy-duty, long lasting polyester trellis netting. 127mm (5 inch) reach-through mesh allows the netting to handle more weight, remain taught and provide stronger support. This product is also NON tangle, a common problem with netting

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Bamboo Canes

Pack of 20, 90cm / 120cm natural bamboo canes. Perfect to be used for supporting plants and vegetables or as a support for garden netting. Packed in a poly bag with full colour label.

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Elasticated SCROG Nets

Super strong elasticated netting with oversized hooks to clip on to any size tent pole. Using netting in your growing environment from the get-go ensures your plants will remain secure and supported no matter how top heavy they may get...

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YoYo - Plant support device

This amazing product has been as best seller for years. Designed to secure, support and train plants into their desired position. The YoYo comes with a 1.4 metre line that is fully retractable. Simply wrap around your plant and secure...

Plant Bendz

Bendz are a small plastic right-angle channel, into which you can clip a stem or side-shoot of a plant. Bendz have small clips around the edge which keep it held onto the stem so that over a period of a...

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Pea Netting

Heavy duty netting, perfect for a a wide range of plant support uses.  Comes on a 2m x 100m roll with 150mm x 150mm gaps.


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