Elasticated SCROG Nets


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Super strong elasticated netting with oversized hooks to clip on to any size tent pole. Using netting in your growing environment from the get-go ensures your plants will remain secure and supported no matter how top heavy they may get during flowering. It also allows you to grow using popular methods such as SCROG.

Our SCROG nets come in a variety of sizes to suit a multitude of grow room or grow tent sizes. Please see the below list for our recommendations on minimum and maximum size areas one net will cover (depending on how tight you want to elastic to be stretched).

50cm x 50cm - 60cm x 60cm - 80cm x 80cm
70cm x 70cm - 80cm x 80cm - 100cm x 100cm
80cm x 80cm - 90cm x 90cm - 120cm x 120cm
110cm x 110cm - 120cm x 120cm - 150cm x 150cm
80cm x 200cm - 100cm x 200cm - 120cm x 240cm
Reviews & Questions

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