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Grodan Rockwool Blocks

WHY CHOOSE GRODAN ROCKWOOL BLOCKS? Perfect for potting on young seedlings and cuttings Brand leader in rockwool production Grow like the pro’s! No mess! Inexpensive. Homogenously manufactured It really is hard to beat the sort of rapid growth and (ultimately)...

From £3.50
Rockwool Slabs

WHY CHOOSE GRODAN ROCKWOOL SLABS? The ultimate hydroponic growth media Unparalleled nutrient and pH control Used for intensive commercial agriculture Ideal for re-circulating or run to waste systems Fastest potential of growth of any media Large water buffer relative to...

From £4.00
Grow Cubes

WHY CHOOSE ROCKWOOL GROW CUBES? Pot based growing with ’rockwool’ High quality Grodan brand. Homogenous and high quality Ideal for drip irrigation systems Ultimate control over pH and EC No mess! Cost effective hydroponic substrate Growing with Grodan rockwool offers the modern...


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