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X-Stream Propagators

Our premium quality range of propagators incorporating the X-Stream lid found on the Aeroponic Propagators we sell to offer maximum adjustability through the large vents so you can get your environment just right. Small size propagators are capable of holding...

From £19.95
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Budget Propagator

Great value for money, the budget propagator might not be as strong and robust as our other propagators but for the price you can't go wrong! Will hold a tray of SBS cubes. Dimensions: Base: L 57cm x W 36cm...

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X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators

As aeroponics is often recognised as one of the most productive methods of growing hydroponically, by using an Aeroponic Propagator you can seriously improve a number of factors when taking cuttings. Rooting times are greatly reduced and the success rates...

From £69.95
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Neoprene Clone Collars

Replacement collars for securing cuttings in place when inside X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators.


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