Air Movement Fans

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Oscillating Clip-on Fan (20cm)

The larger of our clip fans. This model features and oscillating head with 2 speeds to allow you to get a fuller coverage of your grow room. The strong clip base allows it to be easily attached to any tent pole...

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Clip-on Fan (15cm)

A great value air movement fan which is perfect for grow tents. It features a whisper quiet motor with two speed settings and a sturdy clip base, allowing you to easily fix it to tent poles, reflectors or many other fixtures....

Floor Fan (30cm)

The 30cm Floor MaxiFan is produced by Maxibright who are known for their great quality. Their 30cm floor fan is a favourite with our customers and has passed countless of weeks testing. It features rotating directional air flow and has three speed...

Oscillating Wall Fan (40cm)

Perfect for when you are short on floor space. These fans have three different speed settings and an adjustable head which can oscillate. Note: Brand may differ from one shown.

Oscillating Pedestal Fan (40cm)

Sturdy, reliable and quiet. These pedestal fans have three different speed settings, adjustable head, adjustable height and can oscillate. Note: Brand may differ from one shown.


An innovative and simple solution to grow room air movement and ventilation. DiffuseAir diffusers are the most effective solution to get rid of hot spots and high humidity zones. DiffuseAir efficiently mixes all the air and offers you total control over...

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