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SonicAir Humidifier

WHY CHOOSE AN ULTRASONIC GROW ROOM HUMIDIFIERS? Easy to use – plug and play Boost growth during early vegetative period Avoid stress from excessive transpiration Perfect for mother tent/clone areas Easily controllable output These grow room humidifiers are a great choice...

Mist Maker

WHY CHOOSE ULTRA-SONIC MIST MAKERS? Easy to use Improves grow tent environment for healthier growth Ideal for propagation areas and mother tents Perfect for small to medium grow tents Easily replaceable parts Ultra-sonic mist makers are an ideal way to...

From £60.00
G.A.S Intelligent Humidity Controller

The Intelligent Humidity Controller monitors your environment and controls the humidity levels to VPD, vapour pressure deficit or relative humidity. Humidity is a complicated business. Dry air allows water to evaporate, which leads to plants transpiring or water evaporating from...

From £175.00
SonicAir Pro Humidifier

The SonicAir Pro Humidifier produces large volumes of water vapour mist to control the humidity levels in larger rooms with ease. It features a 150mm directional spout and has a maximum output of 6.5 litres per hour. It has a...

Faran HR Professional Humidifier Kits

Get all the bits you need for fully automated humidity control with our Faran Humidifier Kits. Each kit contains: 1x Faran HR Professional Humidifer - HR-15 or HR-50 1x Digital Humidistat or Analogue Humidistat 1x HR Fitting Kit 1x Flexi...

From £399.00
Faran HR Professional Humidifiers

WHY CHOOSE A FARAN HR15 OR HR50 GROW ROOM HUMIDIFIER? Easily create the optimal environment for your plants Total control over humidity in a hydroponic grow room Easy to install – plug and play Perfect for establishing young plants Excellent...

From £299.00
HR-15 & HR-50 Fitting Kit

Fitting kit used to connect either of the HR Series Humidifiers to most water butts.

Quest Portable Dehumidifiers

CDG 74 Flexibility and convenience are the name of the game with the Quest CDG 74 portable dehumidifier. Just bring it on board when you need extra capacity during key periods of the growing cycle, or move it where needed...

From £2,195.00
Quest Overhead Dehumidifiers

QUEST 70 Controlling humidity in compact, unconditioned commercial spaces presents unique challenges. Variable temperatures and constrained placement means you need a targeted solution. That’s where the Quest 70 comes in. This compact, economical, high performing dehumidifier has one of the...

From £1,195.00
Digital Humidistat for HR-15 & HR-50

WHY CHOOSE A FARAN DIGITAL HUMIDISTAT? Precision control over humidity External probe for optimal placement Easy to use – plug and play Large digital display Exceptional functionality Designed for hydroponic grow rooms Optional heater controls Once you have purchased your...

Analogue Humidistat for HR-15 & HR-50

WHY CHOOSE A FARAN ANALOGUE HUMIDISTAT? Control over humidity Internal probe Easy to use – plug and play Easy one-dial operation Designed for hydroponic grow rooms A quick and cost effective way to control your grow room’s humidity, the Faran...


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