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SonicAir Humidifier

An easy to use, affordable grow room humidifier which is most importantly RELIABLE! The SonicAir Humidifer features a large 10 litre tank and an adjustable dial which allows for fine tuning of your misting and will deliver up to 800ml...

G.A.S Intelligent Humidity Controller

The Intelligent Humidity Controller monitors your environment and controls the humidity levels to VPD, vapour pressure deficit or relative humidity. Humidity is a complicated business. Dry air allows water to evaporate, which leads to plants transpiring or water evaporating from...

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SonicAir Pro Humidifier

The SonicAir Pro Humidifier produces large volumes of water vapour mist to control the humidity levels in larger rooms with ease. It features a 150mm directional spout and has a maximum output of 6.5 litres per hour. It has a...

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Mist Maker

WHY CHOOSE ULTRA-SONIC MIST MAKERS? Easy to use Improves grow tent environment for healthier growth Ideal for propagation areas and mother tents Perfect for small to medium grow tents Easily replaceable parts Ultra-sonic misters raise the humidity in a hydroponic grow tent environment....

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Faran HR Professional Humidifier Kits

Faran HR Professional Humidifier Kits contain everything you need for completely automated control of your grow area. Each kit contains: - 1x Faran HR Professional Humidifer - HR-15 or HR-50 - 1x Digital Humidistat or Analogue Humidistat - 1x HR...

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Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier and Air Purifier

Extract up to 20 litres of moisture per day with the Meaco Platinum 20L Dehumidifer. This low energy, low cost unit can really assist in getting grow room environments under control when humidity levels are too high.Being a compressor type...

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Faran HR Professional Humidifiers

Faran HR Professional Humidifiers create the optimal environment for your plants by giving the grower total control over humidity in a hydroponic grow room. Growers tend to focus primarily on the temperature control in an indoor grow environment and humidity...

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HR-15 & HR-50 Fitting Kit

Fitting kit used to connect either of the HR Series Humidifiers to most water butts.

Analogue Humidistat for HR-15 & HR-50

The Faran Analogue Humidistat is a very easy-to-use, one dial operation humidistat. Ensuring complete control over the humidity in your growing environment. There is no external probe with this product, so it must be placed in your grow room at...

Digital Humidistat for HR-15 & HR-50

The Faran Digital Humidistat the best control unit you can find for a humidification system. A very sensitive probe is placed in your grow area at a point that would represent the most uniform and consistent average levels of the...


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