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Systemair RVK Sileo Fans

WHY CHOOSE A SYSTEMAIR SILEO RVK EXTRACT FAN? Hugely reputable manufacturer Compact yet powerful hydroponics extraction fans Perfect for extraction systems in hydroponic grow rooms or tents Ideal for intake fans Easy to install Excellent price point for quality Relatively...

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Systemair Revolution Vector Silenced EC Fans

WHY CHOOSE SYSTEMAIR REVLOUTION VECTOR FANS? Huge air flow ratings! Cope very well under pressure (minimal air flow drop) Almost silent, acoustically designed housing. Brushless motors Aerodynamically optimised impellers/veins EC technology – uses half the power of traditional fans. Plug...

From £479.00
G.A.S EC Cables

Used to connect your EC fans to our EC Fan Controllers.Male to Male Cable - Used to connect a single EC fan to a controllerSplitter Cable - Used to split a single connection from a fan controller into two, allowing you to...

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Systemair Revolution Vector EC Fans

The Revolution EC fan has been purposely designed and manufactured by ventilation expert Systemair to perform under pressure in grow room environments. The aerodynamically optimised impeller and special guide vanes give you greater air flows and better performance than AC fans...

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Systemair Revolution Stratos Silenced AC Fans

WHY CHOOSE A SYSTEMAIR REVOLUTION STRATOS AC EXTRACT FAN? Whisper quiet air movement! More directional airflow – less turbulence. Two-year manufacturer’s warranty! Minimal pressure drop when attaching filters Excellent brand reputation. Insulated with high grade acoustic foam. Extremely high build...

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Acoustic Wooden Box Fans

These super silent wooden box fans are precision engineered and assembled right here in the UK. This gives them a distinct advantage over cheaply manufactured, inferior imported versions that may well look similar, but don’t cut the mustard when it comes...

From £239.00
Can Iso-Max Fans

WHY CHOOSE CAN ISO-MAX INLINE EXTRACTION FANS? Industry standard in silent inline extract fans Hugely powerful air movement Super silent operation Three speed settings on the larger models Easy to install – Plug and play German engineered for amazing reliability...

From £249.00
Systemair Revolution Super Silent AC Fans

The most powerful AC fans on the market. The 315mm and 355mm Super Silent Fans deliver incredible air flows to your grow room. Having been in development for several years by industry leader Systemair, the Super Silent AC range unites...

From £599.00
Systemair Revolution Super Silent EC Fans

Manufactured in Europe with state of the art EC technology, the Super Silent EC Revolution is the most reliable, durable and powerful fan for your grow room. Unlike traditional motors, EC motors greatly improve efficiency and use half the power...

From £949.00

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