Acoustic Wooden Box Fans


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These super silent wooden box fans are precision engineered and assembled right here in the UK. This gives them a distinct advantage over cheaply manufactured, inferior imported versions that may well look similar, but don’t cut the mustard when it comes to adequately ventilating a hydroponic grow room.

They are capable of moving an incredible amount of air, whilst making as little noise as possible, a common demand from most indoor growers. Maintaining an indoor hydroponic grow room in an urban environment means that sometimes extra attention may be needed in noise pollution, to avoid unwanted disputes with otherwise friendly neighbours. MDF acoustic box fans deliver the ultimate in whisper quiet extraction systems, to make sure this sort of situation does not land on your door step.

Exceptional Build Quality

Our Acoustic Box Fans are precision built and purpose designed for the modern gardener. Ideal for use as an intake or extract fan, this custom designed fan provides all the answers to creating the perfect environment within your indoor garden.

The high quality Torin Sifan motor that is used barely needs any introduction. Seen as the industry standard in motors of this type, quite simply there is no single finer piece of equipment that could grace the innards of the box fan. As well as offering a substantial output in terms of air movement, it operates at an extremely quiet level and over the years has proven itself as the ultimate work horse for box fan motors.

The MDF panels that form the casing of the acoustic box fan itself are moisture resistant, a highly important aspect to consider when using inside a humid grow room. It doesn’t take much thought to realise that a metal object situated in a wet and humid grow room environment, will not see the usual lifespan it may be accustom to. Sealing these components off from the excess humidity not only prolongs the lifespan of the equipment, but also ensures they run at maximum capacity, for as long as possible.

The flange spigots have been carefully considered and designed to make sure that something as simple as attaching the ducting, does not become an infuriating and tedious task. Combi or Acoustic Ducting is easily attached to the spigots, designed with a roll top so as well as sliding on easily, they form a tight and solid natural seal with the duct run.


Power Consumption: 

1000m3/h - 230 watts, 1.1 amps

1500m3/h - 330 watts,  1.47 amps

2500m3/h - 425 watts, 2.5 amps

3250m3/h - 550 watts, 6 amps

4250m3/h - 550 watts, 6 amps

Noise level at 1 meter: 

(These significantly reduce when filter and ducting are attached)

1000m3/h - 53db

1500m3/h - 62db

2500m3/h - 64db

3250m3/h - 66db

4250m3/h - 72.5db

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