Fluorescent Lighting

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T5 Propagation Lights

The perfect light for placing over propagators to provide cuttings and seedlings with the light they need. Can also be used to provide side and lower lighting to plants. Optimal results are achieved when the light is 2-3cm from the...

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Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lighting offers growers the choice of low energy growing where heat or cost is a concern. Perfect for seedlings, young plants, side lighting and even for the full growing cycle, however HID or LED is highly recommended in flowering...

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CFL Reflector

CFL lamps are heavier than Sodium or Metal Halide bulbs, therefore if you try to put them into a normal Euro reflector or similar the bulb will hang down at an awkward angle and you might even risk damaging your...

T5 Replacement Tubes

Replacement flourescent tubes for use our T5 units. Choose the 24w for the 2 foot units and the 54w for the 4 foot. Colour Temperature: Blue Spectrum - 6500K Red Spectrum - 2700K Lumens: 24w - 1000 Lumens 54w -...

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CFL Lamp Lead

A CFL screw fitting and 4m lead with plug. Used for hanging CFL lights vertically for added side lighting and other uses.

CFL Pro Reflector

Specifically designed to work with all CFL bulbs up to 300w. A higher quality product than the standard CFL reflector. This is for the person who wants to spend a little extra to get a better all round product. This reflector...


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