T5 Propagation Lights


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The perfect light for placing over propagators to provide cuttings and seedlings with the light they need. Can also be used to provide side and lower lighting to plants. Optimal results are achieved when the light is 2-3cm from the plant.

The unit comes with blue spectrum bulbs which are for vegetative growth, red spectrum for flowering are also available to purchase to.

The T5 System delivers performance, flexibility and high lumen output in any growing environment. These systems allow you to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet your garden’s design. They combine German specular aluminium with energy-efficient/high-output T5 bulbs, and give out double the lamp energy of normal fluorescent systems.


2 Foot 2 Tube - 63 x 24 x 6cm

2 Foot 4 Tube - 63 x 41 x 6cm

4 Foot 4 Tube - 123 x 42 x 6cm

4 Foot 8 Tube - 123 x 74 x 6cm

Questions & Answers

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  • Does the 2ft four tube come with any hanging configurations and also what height clearance above the light would you recommend, thinking of heat.

    Hi there,

    All our T5 units come with metal hanging brackets to which you would need to additionally purchase some rope ratchets or some form of light hangers, in order to adjust the fixture's height.

    Only minimal height clearance is needed as the rear of these units do not get hot to the touch, but as a general guideline, a gap of one inch from the roof of the growing area we would advise as an absolute minimum.

    Kind Regards,

  • How many luminaries?

    Hi there,

    Please see the total Lumens emitted by each light fixture:

    2 Foot 2 Tube - 63 x 24 x 6cm ~ 2000 Lumens

    2 Foot 4 Tube - 63 x 41 x 6cm ~ 4000 Lumens

    4 Foot 4 Tube - 123 x 42 x 6cm ~ 20,000 Lumens

    4 Foot 8 Tube - 123 x 74 x 6cm ~ 40,000 Lumens

    Kind Regards,

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