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Bat Guano

Bat Guano is one of the most balanced fertiliser that nature has to offer. Bat Guano enhances the development of the roots and soil life, promotes a healthy growth and flowering and ensures an excellent smell and taste. ADVANTAGES OF BAT...

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Plant Success Great White

Great White is the most complete mycorrhizal product on the market. The cutting edge formula contains sixteen different species of mycorrhizal fungi, fourteen different species of beneficial bacteria and two species of trichoderma, all in one product. Research shows that this powerful formula will...

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Ecothrive Neutralise

Neutralises Chlorine Instantly. Release the biological potential of your growing media and plant nutrients with Neutralise. Neutralise instantly dechlorinates tap water, protecting beneficial microbes from the harmful effects of both chlorine and chloramine. It's ideal for conditioning tap water before adding...

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Ecothrive Charge

Charge is a 100% naturally-produced potting soil enhancer, that offers a wide range of biological benefits to your plants. Charge boosts and prolongs the fertility of your potting mix by adding a balance of long-lasting primary nutrients, in a highly available form. Composed...

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The world famous vitamin-hormone liquid concentrate. Can be used at any stage of plant growth as a root feed or foliar spray. It is best suited for stressed or suffering plants or when transplanting on and will greatly...

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Techboost EX:EL

Formulated by Super K's Pro Nutes, the brains behind one of our all time favourite brands; Buddhas Tree. Techboost EX:EL is a pre mixed foliar spray which contains a blend of amino acids and seaweed extracts. It is designed to...

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Flying Skull Cal-Mag Extreme

The need for Calcium and Magnesium in bloom is great. While being classified as micro-nutrients, calcium and magnesium are just as important as NPK. Flying Skull have added Iron and Vitamin B-1 to their product to help magnesium’s role play...

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Live Worms

Tiger and Dendrobaena worms are both very good at the processing of organic waste into nutrient rich compost quickly. They are also great for aerating your medium. We always recommend a mixture of both species due their slightly different 'needs' and this will...

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Cyco Dr Repair

Cyco Dr. Repair treats chlorosis and environmental stresses. Chlorosis is a yellowing of leaf tissue due to a lack of chlorophyll. Possible causes of chlorosis include poor drainage, damaged roots, compacted roots, high alkalinity and more importantly nutrient deficiencies in...

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Ecothrive Life-Cycle Soil Amendment

Life-Cycle is a balanced organic nutrient mix designed to feed the soil with a diverse blend of nutrients and minerals. Life-Cycle can be mixed with depleted soil at the end of a grow, or used to boost the soil in...

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Green Planet Bud Booster

Bud Booster is an original bloom additive from Green Planet which, because of its high level of phosphorus, helps promote blooming and assists in the plants metabolism during the middle of the flowering stage. Bud booster simply put is a flower...

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Hygrozyme is a powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes that help plants grow better. Hygrozyme contains 4 core enzymes: cellulase, xylanase, hemicellulase and beta-glucanase, which are complemented by additional hydrolytic enzymes. The ingredients in Hygrozyme are specifically designed to work at their maximum...

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