Green Planet Bud Booster


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Green Planet Bud Booster is an exceptionally powerful flower enhancer. This bloom additive contains an ideal ratio of potassium and phosphorus to accelerate and enhance blooming, whilst helping the plants metabolism during the mid-flowering cycle. This product is generally a flower enhancer used by entry level growers to attain denser, heavier crops.

How it works

Bud Booster contains powdered potassium and phosphorus, this helps plants with their starch production and ultimately improves the quality of flowers fruits at the end of the plant’s life. The phosphorus promotes floral production, and the phosphorus helps with photosynthesis and your plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. Another two key elements in Bud booster are boron and nitrogen. Boron facilitates the transportation of sugars and improvement in the health of flowers, whereas nitrogen plays a pivotal role in many basic plant functions, like photosynthesis, this enables higher yields.

How to use Green Planet Bud Booster

Green Planet Bud Booster is available in 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg & 10kg tubs. Green Planet recommend use at a rate of 6g/L; do this when buds are forming and continue the use with every fertiliser application during the flowering cycle. Stop using during the last week of flowering.

Green Planet Bud Booster sits alongside Green Planet Terpinator and Purpinator to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Green Planet.

For help with this product and how to use it, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

Reviews & Questions

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