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Heavy Duty Lighting Timer

Standard timers are not designed to take the high inductive loads produced by HID ballasts. If used with a HID ballast, the contacts inside the timer that open and close the timed circuit will eventually overheat and weld together, breaking the...

Lumatek Control Panel Plus

The Lumatek Control Panel Plus is a dual signal digital lighting controller that offers precise external control of your Lumatek lighting fixtures, drivers and ballasts. Using innovative technology, this controller smartly monitors your grow room temperatures, light timing & intensity...

24 Hour Segmental Timer

The 24 Hour Plug-In Timer is ideal for setting day and night on/off lighting periods, setting heater on periods and timing irrigation cycles. It is reliable and has a high quality timer unit. Designed to take a 13 amp plug...

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Lumatek LED T-Junction Control Link Cable

The T-junction and Control Link Cable is used to link Lumatek Zeus LED fixtures together in series to be externally controlled with the Lumatek Control Panel Plus. The T-Junction comprises three LLT M12 connectors, two male and one female. The...

Smart Gro Contactor Relays (13 amp)

A low cost solution for switching your HID lighting. Simply connect your plug-in timer (sold separately) and you can safely control your HID lighting without the risk of timer failure. 

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Heavy Duty Contactor Timers (26 amp)

Professional quality, heavy-duty control units, that allow you to effectively and safely control all your HID lighting. They are assembled in the UK, following strict safety standards and using only the highest quality components. Each unit is wall mountable, has handy individual switchable...

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Lumatek Heavy Duty Digital Timer

A high quality and very reliable timer, capable of switching up to a 1000w HID grow light. Also perfect to timing things such as irrigation pumps as the timer features 20 'ON/OFF' periods per day with a minimum setting time...

Lumatek LED Daisy Chain Control Cable

These 5 meter long cables allow you to link your Lumatek LED fixtures together in a 'daisy chain' for when using multiple units on the Lumatek Control Panel.To use, simply connect the male plug to the 'Signal Out' on the...

Heavy Duty Timer Boards

For larger grow rooms our timer boards are a great solution for switching your grow lights. Each of them are assembled by a qualified electrician and feature a heavy duty contactor which allows control of up to 16x 600w lamps. All...

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Dimlux Maxi Controller

WHY CHOOSE THE DIMLUX MAXI CONTROLLER? Complete hydroponic grow room control Controls Dimlux Grow lights Auto dims based on plant temperature (IR cam) Controls 2 banks of up to 160 lights Controls other environmental equipment (temp, CO2, humidity) Regulates and...

Gavita Master Controller Gen 2

Lighting control at your fingertips! The Master controller EL1 and EL2 Gen2 are entry-level systems for centrally controlling large rooms with e-series fixtures. The second generation of Master controllers features improved and expanded functionality that raises the bar: Non-volatile memory...

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Green Power Commercial Contactors

GreenPower Contactors safely and reliably switch lighting ballasts and fans on and off according to the schedule that you set on the contactor’s timer. Each of the contactor’s sockets is individually switchable, so you don’t need to run all the...

From £579.00

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