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Lumatek Control Panel Plus

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The new and improved Control Panel Plus uses innovative technology to accurately control your Lumatek LED or HID lamps from a single source. It can control up to 400 fixtures which can be split over 2 rooms if desired and will reliably switch lights on/off based on your timing schedule as well as adjusting their output and intensity. It also smartly monitors grow room temperatures and will dim your lights if the temperature exceeds a set point, greatly reducing the risk of heat damage and failed crops.

How It Works

The Lumatek Control Panel Plus is a dual signal digital lighting controller that offers precise external control of your Lumatek lighting fixtures, drivers and ballasts. It is compatible with all of the Zeus and ATS range of LEDs and any of the 'controllable' versions of their HID ballasts.

It has a range of very useful features to help get the very best results from your grow room. First off is you no longer need to use external timers for your lights, simply plug them directly into the wall, connect them to the control panel using the Daisy Chain Control Cables and the Control Panel will turn them on and off based on the lighting schedule you set. You can also adjust the light intensity during this schedule if needed with up to 6 changes in a 24 hour period. To mimic nature the unit has a sunrise/sunset feature that allows the lights to slowly ramp up to your desired output setting when they first turn on and then gradually dim down when it is time to turn off.

For those running 2 rooms, a single Control Panel can independently control both of these! One Control Panel can have up to 400 HID units or 100 LEDs connected to it, or 200 HID and 50 LED per room/zone.

Worried about heat stress? No need to, with the built in temperature safeguard settings you can now choose a set-point that if the room temperature exceeds the Control Panel will tell your lights to dim in order to try and get this under control, it will then slowly increase the lights back up to your chosen setting if/when the temperature has dropped back into the correct range. This can prove extremely useful for growers who cannot always get to their rooms regularly. They can rest assured that even if the temperature spikes of their ventilation fails their room will still be under control.

How To Use The Lumatek Control Panel Plus

The Control Panel is very easy to setup. First off connect your lights together using the Daisy Chain Control Cables (you will need one for every light), the final light in the chain is then connected to the panel via the supplied lead. This is plugged into 'Zone A'. If you are running 2 rooms or zones then repeat this process with 'Zone B'. Next connect the temperature probes into the ports for each Zone that will be in use. The temperature sensor should then be placed fairly central in the room at just below canopy level.

Now you can programme your Control Panel. Choose '0-10v' for LED and 'RS485' for HID lighting. Now you can cycle through the settings on the panel and choose your output and timing settings. Full instructions are supplied in the box but feel free to call us or pop in to one of our stores and we will be happy to assist you with setup.


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