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CX Horticulture Regen-a-Root

CX Horticulture Regen-A-Root is a nutrient additive designed to stop disease and pathogens from destroying your crops. This unique product will enable your plants to grow roots even during the flowering stage. This allows plants to fight off existing infections, such as...

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CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer

CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer is a nutrient additive, used during the vegetative and early flowering period in all types of hydroponic, soil and coco-based systems. It provides a constant release of nitrogen. To ensure there is no deficient in this...

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CX Horticulture Wilt Guard

CX Horticulture Wilt Guard is a powerful additive that helps prevent plant-wilting in hydroponics, soil or coco, whilst fighting off Pythium and other root disease. How it works The potassium within Wilt Guard is readily assimilated in large amounts and this...

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CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhancer

CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhancer is a powerful additive for plants during the flowering phase, when they require a larger amount of potassium for floral development and growth. This leads to heavy blooming with denser, more robust final crops. How...

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CX Horticulture Coco Base A-B

CX Horticulture Coco Base A&B is an all-in-one base nutrient specifically tailored for all coco-based grow systems. Providing fully available trace elements and crafted using actual plant tissues, this nutrient feed is simple and easy to use and prevents nitrogen drawdown...

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CX Horticulture Hydro Base A-B

CX Horticulture Hydro Base A&B is an all-in-one base nutrient that delivers exceptional results, during the vegetative and flowering period. This potent formula is extremely popular amongst the grow community. For use in all types of hydroponic systems, this high-performance nutrient feed uses...

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CX Horticulture Head Masta

CX Horticulture Head Masta is a premium flowering booster, containing a blend of ingredients which increase your plants natural flowering response, facilitating an explosive yield, abundant flowering sites and superior flowers and fruits. This 4-way flowering booster stimulates plant’s internal...

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