CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer


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CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer

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A powerful vegetative additive for boosting nitrogen and calcium levels. It was previously named Essential Nitro and still uses the same unique formula. Plants grown with Mighty Growth Enhancer will benefit from faster vegetative cycles thanks to quicker growth, larger leaf area and chlorophyll density. Your plants will be tougher, more durable and capable of supporting the very biggest of yields during flowering. 

How It Works

Vegging plants love nitrogen! Normally this major element is absorbed and used at a quicker rate than others such as potassium and phosphorus. This can quickly lead to an imbalance in your nutrient solution and ultimately a deficiency. Nitrogen deficiencies are usually visible as pale leaves and slow growth. Fortunately Mighty Growth Enhancer is designed to 'fill in' where you base nutrient cannot always do so, by supplying your plants with a readily available source of high quality nitrogen. It prevents deficiencies from occurring and quickly cures plants that are already suffering from the effects. Furthermore adding Mighty Growth to your nutrient schedule will help to speed up your veg times, as plants are able to grow at a faster rate thanks to an increase in protein and carbohydrate production. This helps to produce more leaf growth at a larger overall size that is therefore more efficient and capable of light interception and a greater rate of photosynthesis.

How To Use CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer

Mighty Growth can be used with any type of growing medium or hydroponic system. CX Horticulture recommend using 1ml per litre throughout the entire vegetative period and the first 2 weeks of flowering alongside your base nutrient. 

This product works well when combined with a quality root stimulator such as Regen-a-Root to provide a complete package for your vegging plants. 

CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer is available in 1L and 5L bottles.


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