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Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

Simultaneously displays your grow room temperature & humidity. Provides accurate readings on an easy to read, large LCD screen. Records highest & lowest temperature and humidity values at a push of a button. Wall or surface mounted. Batteries included. A...

20 Litre Bucket and Lid

Handy durable black bucket, great for mixing nutrient solutions or even making DIY Bubbler systems.

Air Comfort Bluetooth Sensor

Get the ultimate in environmental reporting with the AirComfort Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor.This clever little device lets you trace and log your grow room conditions safely and securely over bluetooth. It allows you to generate graphs and reports over...

LUMii Grow Room Lenses

LUMii Growroom Lenses are specifically designed to reduce the glare from HID and CFL grow lamps, protect the eyes from UV and IR rays and identifying pests and disease problems are easier without having to turn off your grow lights....


Use your mobile to take amazing magnified photos and videos. Attach this phone scope directly to your mobile or tablet, aligning the microscope lens with your device's camera lens. This device allows you to zoom up to 30x magnification using...

Pocket LED Microscope (100x)

Identify insects and disease - the easy way to identify those little bugs that can cause so much mayhem in any growing environment The compact design provides 100x magnification and houses a built-in light. Simply place the base of the...

Green LED Head Lamp

See, but keep your plants in the dark! This convenient, practical, hands free lamp has 17 high intensity LED bulbs that can be used with different settings. Light can be tilted to maximise its efficiency. 100,000+ hours of burn time....

Nitrile Gloves - Pack of 100

Strong and durable powder free vinyl disposable gloves A good alternative for those with latex allergies or sensitive skin Very thin, but still durable material, which gives you a great flexibility, whilst protecting your hands Beaded cuff and smooth surface...


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