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Mills Basis A-B

Mills A&B is a top quality base nutrient, made from specially selected, superior ingredients that focus on bioavailability of nutrients. Mills A&B will give your plants everything they need, including all the macro and micronutrients, in optimised ratios to ensure...

From £22.50
Mills Vitalize

Mills Vitalise is an exceptional product, designed to provide your plants with silicon. This will facilitate rapid development of growth, strength and floral production. Vitalise contains mono-silicic acid, which increases BRIX content, increases yield whilst simultaneously working to eliminate stress...

From £59.00
Mills Ultimate PK

Mills Ultimate PK is a unique Phosphite based bloom stimulant developed for the last weeks of flower development. This potent booster is renowned for increasing the yield quality and root health when you come to harvest your plants. Aromas and...

From £49.00
Mills C4

Mills C4 is a superior bloom stimulator, consisting of a complex blend of micro and macro nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbohydrates and trace minerals that aim to facilitate healthier, heavier, more robust yields whilst simultaneously improving the quality of the plants. This...

From £50.00
Mills Start

Mills Start a premium, organo-mineral fertiliser that uses a powerful and unique blend of ingredients to increase levels of nitrogen, facilitating an elevated crop development. This robust bio-stimulant will stimulate seedlings and help your plants through the vegetative and early...

From £35.00

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