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The flagship product from the Mills Nutrients range. Vitalize is mono-silicic acid product of the highest quality. The super concentrated formula is used throughout the plants life cycle to make them stronger, more resistant to stress and produce the highest quality fruits and flowers. It is one of the most bioavailable forms of silicon currently on the market.

How It Works

Vitalize was formulated to improve plant health and make them more resistant to stress. Developed alongside a leader in silicic acid agro technology and after years of testing a truly unique product has been created. No other silicate product offers the same level of bioavailability as Vitalize does. When added to your plants, silicon forms a thin layer around the cell walls, protecting and strengthening them. By using Vitalize alongside your nutrient regime will help to ensure you grow the strongest of plants which are capable of supporting huge yields. You will notice larger and thicker stems and the leaves will be glossier. Not only this but their resistance to pests, disease and stress will be greatly improved. If an issue was to take hold though, the plants natural immune system is improved to help it fight back against the stressor. Unlike other silicon products, Vitalize also contains a range of macro and micro elements to help with growth and overall health. You will also see an improvement to your finished product with higher BRIX levels meaning better taste and aroma. Vitalize is a must-have product.

How To Use Mills Vitalize

Vitalize can be used in soil, coco and hydroponic applications. Use throughout the entire grow and bloom cycles. The product is super-concentrated and only needs 0.1-0.2ml per litre of water! Vitalize can be added to any nutrient schedule but should not be used with any other 'silicon' products. It is important to always add Vitalize first and throughly mix it before adding any other nutrients to your water.

Vitalize is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles.

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