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Mills Vitalise is an exceptional product, designed to provide your plants with silicon. This will facilitate rapid development of growth, strength and floral production. Vitalise contains mono-silicic acid, which increases BRIX content, increases yield whilst simultaneously working to eliminate stress factors that might affect your plants.

How it works

Mills Vitalise is designed to create very healthy, robust plants that are more stress resistant. The Silicon improves the absorption of nutrients through your plants and this in turn, improves the size and weight of root structure. The plants immune system will become enhanced and this will result in higher yields.

Mills Vitalise is the culmination of years of research and development, this particular product has been developed with the leader of Silicic Acid Agro Technology. This has led to a very unique bioavailable form of silicon that can be used as either a root soak or foliar spray. In nature, silicic acid helps plants to build a defence to environmental stresses and facilitates overall root structure. Silicic acid is not readily available to plants on pure water cultures. Therefore, we recommend Mills Vitalise to any growers utilising these kind of cultures as it will deliver a bioavailable form of silicates.

The stimulation of plant growth is a product of the increased levels of silicon, boron, molybdenum and zinc. Silicon makes it much easier for your plants to uptake and transport nutrients to the different areas of the plant, further increasing your plants resilience to pest attacks.

How to use Mills Vitalise

Mills Vitalise can be used throughout the entire grow and flowering cycles. It can be used alongside other fertilisers, however, please make sure you always add it first to your nutrient solution before adding any other products. The Mills Growth Chart recommends use throughout your plants entire life cycle at a rate of between 1-2ml/L, right up to the final flush.

Please ensure you wear adequate protective clothing when using Mills Vitalise, it is harmful if it comes into contact with eyes and skin and will damage clothing. Ingestion or breathing in the product can be extremely harmful as it is corrosive. If ingestion does occur, seek immediate medical attention.

Mills Vitalise is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L & 5L bottles. It works harmoniously alongside Mills Start, Basis A&B and C4 to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Mills. For help with these products and how to use them, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

Reviews & Questions
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