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Gro-Tank NFT Systems

Gro-Tanks are often referred to as 'pure hydroponics' because virtually no growing medium is used and roots benefit from unrestricted access to oxygen. Nutrient solution is constantly pumped up from the reservoir to the roots in the planting channel and flows back...

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Spreader Mat

Use in the NFT Trays to ensure an even distribution of nutrient solution.

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Gro-Tank Components

Top trays, tanks and top plates (correx) used on the Gro-Tank NFT Systems. Top Tray Dimensions GT205 - 54cm x 34cm GT424 - 92cm x 43cm GT604 - 132cm x 43cm GT901 - 190cm x 43cm GT100 - 106cm x 106cm GT150...

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Multi-Duct NFT Systems

Multi-Ducts are high-yielding complete hydroponic growing systems which enable growers to manage a large number of plants from one low-lying integrated reservoir - dramatically up-scaling the number of plants and yield, without increasing workload. Each Multi-Duct has long planting channels above...

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NFT Delivery Tubes

Spare delivery tube for each of the Gro-Tank NFT systems we sell

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Multi-Duct Components

Top trays, tanks, stands and top plates (correx) used on the Multi-Duct NFT Systems. Top Tray Dimensions MD600 - 196cm x 96cm MD800 - 250cm x 96cm Tank Sizes Kit 1 & 2 Tank (90 litres) - L 120cm x W 70cm...

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