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Root Riot Propagation Cubes

In our opinion the best propagation growing media. Made from composted organic materials, these peat-based cubes have a great spongy texture which retains the perfect air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth. Plugs are the same size as 36mm rockwool cubes and...

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The ultimate rooting compound when taking cuttings. Clonex contains a high performance formulation of hormones, vitamins and mineral nutrients which greatly improves the amount of successful rooted clones and stimulates faster root development. Just take your cutting and dip it...

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Rockwool Propagation Cubes

Ideal for starting cuttings and seeds. rockwool allow new roots access to ample water and oxygen. Once rooted, plants are easily transplantable to any other growing method or medium. If moving into the larger rockwool blocks you will need to...

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Jiffy 7 41mm Peat Plugs

Propagation made easy - just add water.This best selling peat based propagating plug just requires wetting. The peat plugs come compressed and dry in the form of little discs. Once they have absorbed the water and expanded just drop in...

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X-Stream Propagators

Our premium quality range of propagators incorporating the X-Stream lid found on the Aeroponic Propagators we sell to offer maximum adjustability through the large vents so you can get your environment just right. Small size propagators are capable of holding...

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Budget Propagator

Great value for money, the budget propagator might not be as strong and robust as our other propagators but for the price you can't go wrong! Will hold a tray of SBS cubes. Dimensions: Base: L 57cm x W 36cm...

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High quality medical scalpels, perfect for cuttings.

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Eazy Plugs

The Eazy Plug is very easy to use solution for propagating seeds and cuttings and will produce outstanding results. Comprised of organic materials which have specially bonded. They have a predetermined pH and EC value and ideal air-to-water ratio. As...

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Clonex Mist

A new ready-to-use spray for use on rooting cuttings. Clonex Mist has been tested extensively against spraying cuttings with just water and was shown to improve rooting times by up to 10 days, increase the length of roots by up...

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X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators

As aeroponics is often recognised as one of the most productive methods of growing hydroponically, by using an Aeroponic Propagator you can seriously improve a number of factors when taking cuttings. Rooting times are greatly reduced and the success rates...

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Neoprene Clone Collars

Replacement collars for securing cuttings in place when inside X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators.

Flying Skull Clone Guard

For growers looking for more consistency in the cloning process, Clone Guard should be on the shelf ready to use at a moment’s notice!  Clone Guard locks in water molecules from escaping through the leaves. This helps prevent the clone...


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