Flying Skull Clone Guard



For growers looking for more consistency in the cloning process, Clone Guard should be on the shelf ready to use at a moment’s notice! 

Clone Guard locks in water molecules from escaping through the leaves. This helps prevent the clone from wilting. Water retention in the clone’s leaves and stems is critical to getting the plant off to a proper start. Clone Guard allows the leaf to breathe but not to lose excessive amounts of water. This allows the clone to retain high levels of moisture in the leaf and prevent it from wilting.

In most cases, Clone Guard is so good at restricting water from leaving the leaf that it allows the grower to reduce the use of humidity domes on rooting trays. Humidity domes, doing what they do best, retaining humidity are responsible for most Powdery Mildew cases on clones.

Clone Guard can be used as a spray or dip and can also be applied when the lights are on.

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