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Clay Pebbles

Made from expanded clay, Canna Aqua Pebbles are porous, lightweight and make for a fantastic all round hydroponic medium for systems such as the Alien and IWS. They are also great for mixing with your soil and coco to create...

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BioBizz All Mix

BioBizz All Mix is an organic peat based potting soil blend. It is loaded with a combination of natural ingredients. This included black peat, white peat, compost, worm cast and perlite. This product comes pre-fertilised with a plethora of nutrients...

6 reviews
Canna Coco Professional Plus

Arguably the finest coir product currently available on the market. Growing in coco coir has steadily become one of the most popular methods of growing throughout the UK. Whilst feeling (and looking) very much like traditional peat based potting mixes,...

9 reviews
Ecothrive Coco Lite

Get your plants off to a flying start every time with Ecothrive Coco. This unique, top-tier coconut coir potting mix comes complete with Ecothrive Charge pre-blended at the perfect ratio for an unbeatable biological boost—just when your plants need it...

12 reviews
Canna Terra Professional Soil

Canna Terra Professional is a nitrogen-rich potting mix for plant cultivation. Your plants grow best in a nitrogen rich potting mix. Canna Terra Professional potting mix is unlike anything you will find in a garden centre. It contains a blend of...

5 reviews
BioBizz Light Mix

BioBizz Light Mix is a 100% organic, lightly fertilised potting soil. This makes it ultimate soil for establishing plants, seedlings or cuttings. This formula is designed to encourage accelerated rooting and healthy, sustained growth. The completely natural blend of ingredients...

7 reviews

WHY CHOOSE PERLITE? Increases drainage properties of a media Reduces potential to overwater Increases oxygen levels in grow media Suitable to be added to almost any soil/coco Natural source of silicon Reduces compaction of soil/coco Perlite is the small white,...

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Plant Magic Soil Supreme

Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a unique blend of lightly fertilised peat blend, packed with beneficial bacteria and organic growth stimulants. This highly aerated growing media promotes fast growth and healthy roots. Providing the optimal foundation for your plants, ensuring...

5 reviews
Ecothrive Eco-Life Soil

Ecothrive & Indoor Organics have teamed up to bring you Eco-Life, a 100% organic living soil, crafted from natural ingredients in small batches to enable growers of all abilities to grow healthy and productive plants whilst feeding JUST WATER! Eco-Life contains everything...

7 reviews
Grodan Rockwool Cubes

The original hydroponic growing medium and still the most widely used in commercial applications. Rockwool blocks are an inexpensive and mess free solution, perfect for NFT systems. They are an inert substrate with great water and air holding properties which...

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Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 Mix

The number one coco/pebble mix! If you are looking for a top quality media for your hydroponic system or to simply upgrade your pots, you can be sure Gold Label will delivery consistently high results. Gold Label HydroCoco contains a...

Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil

Canna Terra Professional Plus is the purest potting mix possible for plant cultivation. It also gives the best results with Canna Terra nutrients. The formulation is specifically developed for indoor, grow-room situations. Of course, it also gives good results outside. WHY CHOOSE...


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