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Made from expanded clay, Canna Aqua Pebbles are porous, lightweight and make for a fantastic all round hydroponic medium for systems such as the Alien and IWS. They are also great for mixing with your soil and coco to create a far more aerated medium which drains more freely. This not only helps reduce the chance of overwatering but also allows your plant the possibility to receive more nutrition due to the increased amount of irrigations you can now provide it. They are chemically inert as well as pH stable meaning they will not interfere with any other mediums or the nutrients you are feeding.

The size of our clay pebbles in the bag vary between 8-16mm and are all a uniform, circular shape with a smooth surface. This is especially good for when they are used as the standalone medium as there is no chance of damage to the root zone which can occur with other brands that have a more ‘jagged’ shape.

Canna Aqua Pebbles are pre-washed but we always highly recommend washing them before use to ensure that any extra dust is removed. This is especially important where pebbles are being used as the only choice of medium in a hydroponic system as you do not want to risk any pipe blockages! If using pebbles as a standalone medium then always use a ‘hydroponic-specific’ nutrient.

Pebbles can also be used in the top and bottom of your pots! Add a layer of pebbles to the top of each of your pots as a ‘mulch’ layer to help keep your growing medium moist. Alternatively adding a layer at the bottom of your pot can help aid drainage and is particularly important for when you a bottom feeding your plants or using an AutoPot System as it will practically eliminate the risk over overwatering.

Clay Pebbles can also be reused! Once you have harvested your crop and removed the bulk of it, soak them with a heavy dose of an enzyme product such as Cannazym to break down the remaining roots and dead plant matter. Then before re-planting wash them out with a solution of Liquid Oxygen to ensure they are sterile and clean.

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United Kingdom United Kingdom
clay pebbles

Upturned starter pots with clay pebbles fill up your large deep garden troughs very well.The clay pebbles supplied by Gro works are just the job and do it very well.With the compost on top plant your favourites and enjoy the look with the clay pebbles working away hidden for the water drainage in the trough.Top Class!!


Hi there, Thank you for your positive feedback, we greatly appreciate it! We are thrilled to hear you were impressed with our product and we wish you all the best with your results! Kind Regards,

Ben G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Super helpful, super product

I called to check stock availability on this item and was pleasantly informed that not-only was it available, but I could request a delivery date range to suit my requirements. The transaction was very smooth and product arrived as promised. I now have lots of clay balls.


Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, we greatly appreciate it! We are pleased to hear your are satisfied with our services provided. We look forward to hearing from you again! Kind Regards,

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Very good

Very good and very efficient service would use again


Hi there, It's great to hear that you are pleased with the service provided. Thank you for taking the time to leave positive feedback, we look forward to seeing you again soon! Kind Regards,

A GroWorks Customer
United Kingdom United Kingdom

happy with these, dusty but easily washed, I use them at the bottom of my bioactive vivarium for my frogs as a drainage layer, they work very well at keeping the soil at a consistent moisture level. I have also used them to propagate plants which seems to have a higher success rate by about 25% & the roots grow quicker. I also use them in my houseplant soil mix to hopefully stop compaction. overall would recommend, you get a lot for the price & shipping is always quick & well packaged.


Hi there, Thank you for your positive feedback! We are pleased to hear you are happy with our product and service. Kind Regards,

Alan R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I Never Knew These Existed I'm a Newbie Gardner

These Clay Pellets arrived super fast and they came without any damage which the company deserve credit for being good at packing skills. I washed the dust of them and will soon be putting them to use for the first time within the next few days. I would buy from them again - Thank you Alan Riley


Hi there, Great to hear you are pleased with your purchase and the service we provided! We wish you all the best with your project. Kind Regards,

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